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Clearly Putins teams have been working behind the scenes for a while. After Putin signed the docs recognizing Donetsk and Luhansk, he was invited* as the peacekeeping entity. The MSM has completely ignored this, and the reality is that Ukraine has been shelling the people in both these regions for quite some time.

This was really a masterstroke by Putins regime, and a disaster for the Ukrainian regime installed by O'Biden. Side note: is this another major US intelligence failure, or flat out incompetence? Biden got bitch beat, again.

If other repoerts out of Munich are accurate, the morons running the EU as Davos' puppets partly drove this by signalling Nordstream 2 off the table.

So this is also a potential disaster for Germany especially because they simply don't have the fuel without some other source...

Obama and Biden strike again!

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"the Russian threat I see is they are against globalism that the US and the rest of the "free world" are seeking."

because they can see that globalism is a scheme to subject the rest of the world to the will of the already super rich elite.

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Hey I'm no Putin supporter and I spent many years fighting the cold war. But the Russian threat I see is they are against globalism that the US and the rest of the "free world" are seeking. Just look at Russia, pretty much declaring an end to the Pandemic. https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/covid-19-pandemic-may-end-in-2022-says-who-russia-representative-122022101087_1.html While Russia's response was the same as the rest of the world early on, they did not pursue more draconian job firing measures and the Russian people rejected any vaccine passport sillyness. (At least from what I see from Internet research.) The globalist see the Pandemic as a pathway to the reset where there is one world government and citizens do as they are told. The Russians are not on board and therefore are the enemy. Seems the Chinese are on board though.

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It’s strange where the US focuses on. Why Ukraine?

Congo has had an ongoing civil war with deaths in the millions. It’s ignored. Huge amount of killings of Christian’s, ignored. What is happening to the Sunnis in Syria, ignored. And ignoring the one sided economic loans China is doing to get resources.

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Biden Says Defending “Freedom” for Ukraine will Mean Higher Gas Prices

Biden Ignores All Questions From Reporters on Putin-Ukraine After Showing Up Over an Hour Late for Remarks


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Listened to Joe Rogan’s interview of Maajid Nawaz earlier today. He has some interesting observations about consistency and our (US) and UK etc foreign policy in light of domestic stands. (And much more, of course.) Not sure I fully agree, But in light of covid and current global issues all this is a really important, needed analysis and debate, as you said, Mark.

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G. Beck's commentary is quite interesting. I learned a few things from it.


A couple takeaways: There is a line in Putin's speech he quotes, which suggests that one of Putin's motives for this move is that it is a response/correction to an Obama/Biden Ukraine coup in 2014 and the attendant corruption that followed. Toward the end Beck talks about the prospect of $5/gal gas for the US, not just in CA, but nationwide, as a result of Biden's policies. And I will go one step further to say that this would also be beneficial for Russia. A cynic might wonder if Hunter Biden's 2nd laptop that was absconded by Russian drug dealers and has a "bunch of crazy sex stuff" on it, might also have something to do with current events...whose bed in Russia did Hunter have prostitutes peeing on, I wonder?

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Alex gets American values:

Understanding white rage

Alex Berenson

So, yeah, Vladimir Putin has apparently decided he can live with Joy Behar being mad at him…

In happier news, our newly transgender-friendly force has DEFINITELY been focusing on the right issues since Uncle Joe took over!

Fresh out of West Point and exquisitely trained in understanding white rage, butter bars of all genders will be very ready to bring their peacemaking and community building skills to bear against this white-on-white violence!

Woke militaries throw fear in the hearts of their enemies.

Stop laughing. You’re destroying my safe space.

Okay, that’s it. I’m sending you to a seminar on intersectionality.

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I resisted the empire label for a long time, making various arguments and excuses along the way.

But seeing Trump's rational foreign policy approach vilified and expelled by the oligarchy forced me to view things in a different light. America's government moves among the nations, devouring crushing and trampling as it goes, in pursuit of 'stability' not at all for the benefit of its citizens but rather to enrich its donors.

Call it whatever you will, but its clear now that those who benefit from this global order are willing to trample the domestic tranquility in order to maintain it.

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Our totally feckless President whom I refer to as Иосеф Столен (Josef Stolen if you don't do Cyrillic), and his entire administration are a corrupt oligarchy, absolute hypocrites to criticize any other nation for any reason.

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Nice piece, Mark, thank you.

Yeah, we used to say Iraq was corrupt, but the Iraqis assured us there was no country more corrupt than Afghanistan.

News flash, and I grieve this insight, the Number One, numero uno corrupt country in the world is America.

Petty corruption, not so much (e.g. cops taking bribes for no ticket, etc)

No, I'm talking about billion dollar corruption. Hell, Ukraine was just one big maytag for laundering tax dollar foreign aid back to congressmen, senators, and many, MANY, others. Ukraine may have had issues, America: "hold my beer, and will show you how this is really done.". 20% of our uranium to Russia?!


Glenn Greenwald, after a brief hiatus, has a good piece touching on some of your thoughts and more. Well recommended:


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re the growing Ukraine cesspool: It seems that every generation or two Europe blows up. Can America just skip the latest iteration? We don't need no stinking empire.

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Good post and some good perspectives. I tend to think that we are less of an empire, than a kleptocratic oligarchy with a thin veneer of democracy (and getting thinner). Our Oligarchs and their cronies abroad will whine a lot about Putin's acts and incursions, but ultimately do probably next to nothing, aside from some sanctions, unless there is a lot of money to be made. If they really wanted to hurt Putin (and other bad international actors), they would expand domestic oil and gas production in all Western countries to increase supplies and drop the prices. But they won't because they are dedicated to the Cult of Global Warming. I believe a large part of the reason Putin's doing this now, is that he can afford to due to the high price of oil and gas, and his control of and influence over the producers and ultimately prices other desirable elements such as lithium and cobalt. (Notice that the #FJB Regime just announced support for more mining of battery materials). That said, if I was Polish, I would be pretty nervous right now.

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You are in fine form on this one Mark, well done and thank you.

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