“And don’t forget Bluto Barr and Mitch McConnell.”

I love your continued references to Bluto Barr every so often.

As for McConnell, it has been speculated that his minions “back east” may have been behind the payoff attempt caught on tape to Lake in Arizona.

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Trump has been doing lots of No Sh*t! moment since he started his run for President for his first term.

Trump has shattered so many overton windows.

The major complaint against Trump seems to be he had mean Tweets, and was not Presidential.

Instead of he was dropping massive truth bombs.

I am surprised Fox covered Vivek's comments. That is suspicious. Tom Luongo wonders if Vivik is a plant.

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As I recall Luongo was deeply suspicious of him to begin with but then tempered that with some praise later on... but my memory is not what it used to be. In any case, I echo History Lass' comment in that I do not trust him. He appeared from nowhere too quickly with opaque backing and a very brief and unexplained rise in the business world. That said, he is welcome to "fire away" on behalf of Trump as far as I am concerned, as long as he ultimately is given no real power in a Trump administration.

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Not so sure, Vivek has no filters. Meaning he says what he thinks and i believe him to be a fairly deep thinker. I also think he dislikes the Deep State enough this would rub him the wrong way to be considered a "plant". IDK for sure though.

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Jan 24·edited Jan 24

I still do not trust Vivik at all. I think he is angling for VP and would be perfectly placed for an inside "hit" job if Trump wins the WH. I think TL is on to something....

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Sinister indeed.

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