"They’re also claiming there could be harm by sharing it with a special master."

Can't disagree here. I mean gosh, the Special Master might call up the WaPo and leak details about them or leak funny staged pictures of them.

One of the worst aspects of the corruption of our institutions is we used to be able to, as a nation, trust them to be tolerably even handed. That of course created great distrust among progs who trust nothing they can't control. So they corrupted them and made them reliably biased in their favor and now the rest of us can no longer trust them for the foreseeable future. Even were they returned to a relatively nonpartisan nature it would take decades to restore the trust the progs destroyed.

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The Left is going to get Trump at any cost before the elections. Doesn't matter what laws and legal niceties are in their way. Too many people just aren't getting where we are at. Do we really believe that the Dems are just going to fold up their tents and go home if some 11th circuit judges stiff them? This is war by other means and the Dems are never going to give up power willingly.

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We & DOJ will have an opportunity to see what cloth the 11th Circuit is cut from. Six of the eleven judges came in as Trump admin appointments, so I have my fingers crossed they'd stick to originalism & equal application of the law.

This rage to enforce/bend the law simply "because it's Trump" has worn thin.

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“Articles of clothing.” I know Melania is pretty hot—not my type but damn, but seriously DOJ, getting a warrant for a panty raid?

What I don’t understand is this—these guys couldn’t be bothered to take a proper inventory of the items they were seizing as they were packing it up and transporting it back to their field office. How can they now claim it will be dangerous for anyone to independently review it? Are they going to be more reckless than y’all were, keep sloppy records or none at all, establish no chain of custody—IANAL here but I would assume there would be problems if a prosecutor tried to introduce into evidence seized items in his possession that weren’t recorded on a receipt at the time of seizure?

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The DOJ actually asserts in their appeal that Trump has no possible claim that he should be able to keep any of the documents. Compare this to the 2012 ruling on Bill Clinton when there was a lawsuit to force Clinton to hand over audiotapes from the White House that he was keeping in his sock drawer. The judge in that case claimed that a President has the sole authority to determine what is personal and what is official Presidential records. She found that there was no possibility that a former President could be second guessed on such an issue.

If we apply that same standard to Trump, the entire FBI raid and DOJ investigation looks so obviously illegal and political that it is shocking even to those of us who never trusted the deep state. The Biden administration is weaponizing federal law enforcement against political enemies. This is not rule of law. It is 3rd world corruption type activity.

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How the deep state, the media, and the current president have treated Trump reveals that all the pious talk of Our Democracy™ is a pretext and a lie. For four years, they bent and broke every rule in the book in order to keep the people’s choice from governing. Today, they are breaking every rule to prevent him from becoming president again. This is the very opposite of democracy.

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