In rereading I understand why you don't feel Page was considered a source by the IC for Trump.

I'm greatly torn between the two theories of...

The FBI / IC needed Page's FISA to cover for prior investigate actions pre July 2016.


Page just being slimy... Every interview I've ever watched with him makes my gut scream "something is up with this dude".

What I may be sensing there may be what both the Russians and FBI both concluded, "Page is an idiot".

The bigger picture of Durham at the moment... I have a nagging issue with his current plight of "investigating the origins" and the triangle theory. Mostly because what were seeing and discussing is the mid 2016 data... That in no way shape or form is the "origins" of this whole mess. It's a convenient 3rd party NOG, DNC and Hillary insertion / jump point.

We know in DOZENS of instances that the IC's Trump poking adventure dates back into 2015.

Also let's not forget Muller's disaster...

I'm not trying to poo-poo the progress but I am very focused on the insututions. Mostly because it's nearly impossible to hold the State Department, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc accountable in any other means. The FBI and DOJ particularly have become rogue agencies and we see that glaring at us in hundreds of examples now yearly.

Durham as I SC has the means to crack into that nut where no court, congressman, president or committee can tread. But I am betting Barr knew he wouldn't!!! IMHO my country is in deep shit and by God we need to get into just how deep!!

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Not sure if you saw Katherine Herridge retweet of 2020 document (I believe from Horrowitz report) that says 0bama intel team put out a BOLO for info related to Team Trump and Russian interference.

And, that's why the FBI lent any credence to the dodgy dossier. I keep going back to the unmasking abuse brought to light by Admiral Michael S. Rogers. https://archive.md/81Qik

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I was looking for the Strzok/Page texts that date back to 4/18/16 when Adm. Rogers shuts off 702 Patriot act access to curb the supposed abuse and then on 4/30/16 Strzok texts to Page: "So now we've switched from the Patriot Act to a wire carrying current (redacted)". What was redacted I wonder? "in Trump Tower", something else along those lines???

I'd never read the article Mark that you wrote an article for American Thinker in 2018 on this. I was a good refresher as well.


So can we now refer for Papadopoulos as Patsy-1 and Page as Patsy-2? /s

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Yeah, that was a very telling text. And yes, the country remains in deep trouble. It's systemic.

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My understanding from reading that is that Obama's call for "info related to Team Trump and Russian interference" refers to the inclusion of the Dossier in the ICA. All that was after the election, so wouldn't have influenced FBI use of Dossier for FISA. Countering the Dossier, the FBI had years of experience with Carter Page and could also draw on the CIA's experience with him.

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