While trying to understand the whole COVID-19 and vaccines mess, I ran across this DARPA website describing the Pandemic Prevention Platform (https://www.darpa.mil/program/pandemic-prevention-platform).

"The Pandemic Prevention Platform (P3) program aims to support military readiness and global stability through pursuit of novel methods to dramatically accelerate discovery, integration, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing of medical countermeasures against infectious diseases."

"P3 focuses on rapid discovery, characterization, production, testing, and delivery of efficacious DNA- and RNA-encoded medical countermeasures".

The overall goal of the P3 is described as: "DARPA's intent [is] to safely deliver transient immunity, halting the spread of disease by creating a firewall, and buying time for longer-term medical responses to be developed and deployed."

The stated goal of producing a temporary countermeasure to a pandemic was surprising since everybody speaks of the current COVID-19 vaccines as if they were the same as regular vaccines, which offer permanent immunity. We heard a little about some potential "longer-term medical responses" from Trump, but they were quickly ridiculed and dismissed. So the mRNA vaccines became the only solution rather than a temporary stop-gap.

When Trump talked about "Operation Warp Speed" was he talking about offering these temporary vaccines to buy time to develop other effective medical responses to the virus? Was that effort thwarted by Big Pharma and the Cabal enablers? As I recall from hearing about mRNA vaccine side effects, it seems that the second and subsequent doses are associated with the most negative side effects. Is that because they were never intended to be given multiple times?

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Killing off recipients is a great way to delay Social Security’s inevitable bankruptcy.

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‘Afterwards, Congress had little interest, no demands, no investigations, just silence. Contrast with 9/11’.

Silence of the Liable. Just as sick.

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It can be confusing to figure out the rationale for Covid and the vaccines because there were multiple parties involved with different but overlapping agendas. My view: yes Covid was manufactured as a bioweapon and deliberately released, and yes the ‘vaccines’ and all the terrible restrictions and murdering of people in hospitals through lack of treatment were preplanned by certain people. But once it commenced, the ‘pandemic’ served big pharma’s interests, big tech’s interests and big corporate interests (crushing small business). It became a new 9/11 moment for governments around the world to impose totalitarian control measures on their populations in the name of ‘safety’. In the US, it helped the Dems set up the infrastructure for better stealing elections. Covid furthered the globalist agenda of total control, and helped the climate change fanatics by turning ‘climate change’ into a public health issue so making the onerous and oppressive Covid solutions like lockdowns also a solution for ‘saving the planet’. Everybody wins! Except the people.

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The gain of function bioengineered virus narrative is a psyop in itself. There are no viruses. Covid symptoms are the same as other respiratory infections and they are your body’s natural healing response. Now it is possible that in the initial wave in Wuhan and Milan a poison was used but that’s another can of worms...

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I can see some point to what your correspondent is saying. But at a certain level, I think he is making the same mistake that our elites--in WEF, DC, EU, and other areas, especially academia, are making: he overestimates their competence, and so did they! I am inclined to the lab leak theory, because from what I have seen, that Wuhan lab has a record--and it's not a good one. Sometimes it takes a while, but truth does come out. We are still only in the starting stages of that.

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Me think that Trump’s Operation Warp speed caused them to do things faster then what was planned. History will tell I will wait.

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As a bioweapon, engineered COVID was something of a dud, since the most susceptible were the elderly or people with various morbidities or compromised immune systems, and not healthy people of military age.

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Interesting article from Unacceptable Jessica: https://jessicar.substack.com/cp/137028467

Japanese investigators studying Omicron strains... "for all but one mutation in the omicron sub-variant BA1, a strain exists in which that mutation - alone - is absent"

In other words, we seem to be participants in a living, population-wide experiment.

As you say, the purpose is not entirely clear, but probably only because we assume the purpose of a bio-weapon is to kill lots of people. But the way COVID worked out wasn't so much about mass death - they had to massively inflate the death stats - but more like people-herding.

I do think there was a get-Trump angle in the timing. Though what you lay out in regard to a Hillary scenario is plausible, I think she could have accomplished much of their agenda without needing to resort to the weapon.

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So you think the Globalists would really actually try to kill us and subjugate us to achieve their political goals?

How far-fetched is that?!?


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I thought from the beginning that it was bioengineered. The US/Chinese origin was clear. It was never a "lab leak", as even that was part of the cover up. No, it was all part of making us all serfs and killing off the old and infirm.

The vax was part of the scheme and millions are dying from other diseases and conditions related to that. They want depopulation and they are going to get it one way or another.

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Never forget that high level people in our very own government, theoretically acting at the behest of the American public in our name, attempted to kill some of us and succeeded at killing others. What that says about the state of our supposed representative form of government is astounding to me. The whole episode really transformed my understanding of the relationship between we the people and our government. We’re on our own to navigate the best we can this brave new world.

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This Coof business is reminiscent of the vampire who will not be vanquished; the garlic bulbs aren't sufficient, so perhaps the silver dagger or cross will have to suffice. In the early days (Feb 2020) of this hot mess, some wags on ZH were fond of "It's the flu, bro." They may have been right. I talked to a lot of people in my orbit and asked if anyone they knew had this new disease. The result: Nobody.

I had to go to a hospital for a knee job in September 2020...and the place (a large hospital) was empty.

By the same token, I know of no one in my circle who were jabbed and who suffered for it.

Psyops on both sides? Idk. We live in strange times.

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OK, now in total fairness to RFK Jr ... you need to follow the link and listen to the video for the full effect:

The Vigilant Fox


CENSORED RFK JR CLIP: Big Pharma Profits Not From Vaccines, But From Selling Remedies for Vaccine Injuries

"They're making $60 billion a year selling us vaccines, but they're making $500 billion a year selling the remedies for the injuries caused by vaccines," declared @RobertKennedyJr

"This is a really great business plan for these [pharmaceutical] companies. You make people sick, and then you sell them the lifetime cure."

This interview, which aired on September 17, 2020, was removed by YouTube.

Hepatitis B Vaccination | CDC

Mar 30, 2022The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all infants, ...

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Why - Big Pharma is a major campaign, sponsor, hires lots of top former gov employees, and advertiser with huge influence.

”Congress had little interest, no demands, no investigations,

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