Well, if that is their plan, they seem to be failing. They've not only failed to weaken Russia and China but have pushed them closer together - and pushed a lot of other nations into alliance with them too. As for Europe, maybe we really are gone, or maybe there will be some kind of revolt.

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"So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.”

Any questions?

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Its all really kind of sad, when you think about it…

Our forebears having sacrificed enormously over the centuries to build this country…the wars with the Indians, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War…

Having given birth to a great nation and its enduring foundational documents and system of government, offering freedoms and opportunities unheard of elsewhere around the world,

Having suffered through devastating panics, recessions and depressions…and having repeatedly recovered and prospered,

Having developed the most powerful military and industrial and economic engine in the history of the world,

Having prevailed over the Kaiser in the Great War, and Hitler and Hirohito in the Second World War,

And having prevailed over the inheritors of Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union to win the Cold War, leaving the United States of America the first great global superpower;

This generation of American leadership seems prepared to risk it all,

By dividing Americans at home with indefensible radical policies, by usurping extra-legal authorities, and by entering into a hot war abroad with a powerful opponent with enormous spiritual and natural resources who will not retreat, and

Which opponent is finding increasing friendship and support among the governments of more than half the people on earth,

And who may well prevail, resulting in a devastating loss not only of American hegemony,

But also of the legacy of American wealth, power, prestige and goodwill...and goodness... built up over four centuries.

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Big. Big.

Türkiye aims to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Erdoğan

Hurriyet ^

Posted on 9/18/2022, 6:19:46 PM by FarCenter

Türkiye aims to become a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said, noting that the group’s next meeting in India will be a venue to further discuss this issue.

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My only exposure to the great game was the Daes Daimar of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels. Until I began researching Mackinder's heartland theory earlier this year.

It puts everything into context to understand that this competition between UK and Russia goes back a couple hundred years.

Suddenly the rumors of the West first funding the rise of the Bolsheviks and then funding Hitler to fix that mess (LOL) start to make sense. And then passing the baton to America who creates Al Qaeda to oppose USSR, allies with Isis in Syria and now Nazis in Ukraine, all to press, undermine, and plunder Russia.


It's almost like, maybe we're not actually the good guys.

Maybe we should have obtained that objective before deindustrializing and off-shoring most of our industrial base.

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Has it occurred to anyone besides me that all of the tumult, aggression, militarism, ethnic and national violence is taking place ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE GLOBE FROM US??????? I looked in vain for the outline of the USA on the map used to illustrate the conflict zone, and lo and behold! I did not see it. It has been my position throughout this latest conflict that we have no national interest in any of it. It is only the globalist cabal that currently controls our federal government that has an interest in fomenting and continuing the violence. I see neither a looming Nazi movement in Europe nor an Asian Empire of any sort seeking to extend its hegemony beyond its boundary waters to demand our military intervention. I do see numerous global threats to our premier position in commerce and industry, but that is a war to be waged on non-military bases, like safeguarding our proprietary information and manufacturing processes and building up our domestic energy resources. Regrettably, the globalist cabal running things in DC is so beholden to external influences that I do not see that happening. They prefer war to any reasonable alternative, and believe that by fomenting war, they can stir up some kind of patriotic response domestically. They are sadly mistaken, I fear (hope?). The only people who are prone to falling for that line of BS are the very last people you want in your military; the ones most opposed to it are the true patriots who will, if called upon to do so, defend themselves, their kin and their way of life to the last man. Of course, that has nothing to do with fighting in a war for the America in which we find ourselves at present.

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The typical American cannot name all fifty states or find them on a map. Imagine the blank looks you'd get trying to talk about this.

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Thanks very much for this primer, Mark. I happened to just view a The Duran video from yesterday addressing the SCO Summit and some of these same issues:


All indications are that your presentation and warning are very important and prescient.

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