I wonder how long till this blows?


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Thanks for useful information on Ivermectin being used for vax treatment, and explaining how.

I wonder if this would help any female fertility issues.

What confuses me, is if the jab changes your dna, how does ivermectin fix this?

Sounds like it just mitigates some issues, which is better than nothing.

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I have been following Dr. Kory and Dr. Malone for quite some time. El Gato Malo wrote early in the vaccine campaign about a disturbing trend in increased deaths following an uptake in vaccines in Israel and the UK. The US data is simply too corrupt to consider. In fact, the US data has been down for a “system upgrade” for quite some time.

The Ethical Skeptic has also been documenting similar trends. ES has done an exceptional job in tracking Covid disease progression and the lack of effective and early treatment in both vaxxed and unvaxxed populations. He attributes a portion of the increased deaths to this lack of treatment.

Several countries stopped vaccines for people under 30 as the increase in myocarditis was too great to ignore. Our corrupt leaders just double down, continuing with senseless mandates for health care workers and our military personnel. The move to push the vax on children under five is nothing short of criminal. It does seem like people are starting to see the truth though as vaccine uptake in the under five age group is less than 5%.

I don’t know that public health can recover from this debacle. I didn’t put much trust in government agencies prior to 2020, but I didn’t consider them to be criminals. The corruption is greater than we can imagine.

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Just saw the “Terminal List” on Amazon. I would have dismissed it as far fetched a few years ago, now it seems completely possible that the Government would test an experimental drug on the military and then lie about it at the highest levels today. Of course we knew they did it in the 60s, but today? This interview and all of the “confusion” surrounding Covid have resulted in amazing lies by the Government. And the cherry topping appears to be the Pfizer whistleblower being told by Pfizer today that the Government knew all of the problems with the clinical trials so how could Pfizer have defrauded the Government in their role as a contractor.

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I am no Johnny-come-lately when it comes to this debacle, but still, Dr. Kory’s anguished and moving comments leave me stunned. Thanks for transcribing, Mark!

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