What is curious to me is if we assume there is some type of loosely or tightly affiliated cabal calling the shots, call em Klaus, Black rock and the boys, then we could imagine that this cabal either did or did not want the FDA to approve the booster plan. If the cabal did want the FDA to approve then we will have to interpret the FDA's refusal as either a mutiny of some type or a sign that the cabal doesn't have as much control over events as it would like us to think it has and or the FDA committee was never under the cabal's control. If the cabal did not want the FDA to approve then we will have to interpret the FDA's refusal as an instance of the FDA "following orders" and ask ourselves in what way would pittung the FDA against the White House serve the canal's interest? And notice that Fauci appears to be on team White House and the FDA committee appears to be lining up on the opposite side of the ball so to speak.

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More from that KD post, on Lefties' BS analogies:

< They speak of *pertussis*, which I've talked about before. You see, something very odd happened. We replaced the DTP vaccine introduced in the 1940s, and which was credited with reducing the rate to *1,010* cases across the nation in 1976, with DTaP -- an *acellular* vaccine that is *non-sterilizing*, in the 1990s.

What happened since?

In 2004, nearly *25,000* Pertussis cases were reported.


Pertussis is endemic in the United States. That is, it circulates all the time. A sterilizing vaccine prevents you from both getting sick, and passing it on to others. But a *non-sterilizing* vaccine does not prevent getting the disease, or passing it on....

(Quoting from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6774807/ , pub. May 2019):

"The temporal association of the switch from wP to aP vaccines with the resurgence of pertussis, combined with our expanding understanding of differences in aP and wP-induced immunity, is consistent with the hypothesis, that the observed resurgence is the result of the *switch from wP to aP* vaccines.

Comparative studies demonstrated, that both wP and aP vaccines induce strong IgG responses against pertussis antigens.

aP vaccines, which are formulated with a single adjuvant and a limited set of antigens, stimulate a different and more restricted immune response profile, compared to wP vaccines or natural infection.

Both wP vaccines and infection present a broad array of antigens and potential adjuvants."

We don't have an analog to "wP" vaccines for Covid-19. There are *no sterilizing*, broad immunogenic Covid-19 vaccines.

Such a vaccine for a coronavirus has never been developed and worked, in man or beast. Every trial has resulted in severe disease enhancement or outright failure -- and sometimes death, of every animal in which the preparation was tested.

But we do have an *aP* analog, don't we? Actually, we have a bunch of them, with three in common use in the US right now.

And what happened with pertussis, when we started using them? The disease wildly expanded among the population....

In short, the vaccines we're using today cause VACCINATED PERSONS to screw both the unvaccinated, and those who have waning immunity, which incidentally is extremely *common* with narrowly-focused *non-sterilizing* vaccines (again, witness the *"aP"* versions of the pertussis vaccine, .vs. the *"wP"* versions which are durable), and that does not even account for the coronavirus mutational factor, which we've also know about for decades and, in *non-sterilized* vaccinated persons, promotes *mutational escape*, since the odds of being symptomatic go down. >

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