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You've been providing a lot of good reading for our consumption. I appreciate getting the Reader's Digest condensed version of both, long videos, and prose.

This country is weakened morally, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I retired last year from the IC/DOD. My agency, and I'd bet most of DOD and the IC, has spent the last 20 years, or so, focusing on DEI and leadership training to the detriment of training and tradecraft. It was all about getting promoted. No one would ever dare tell the emperor that he had no clothes. In my opinion, we've hollowed out our analytical expertise.

Leaders of the agency all but openly mocked and undermined Trump. Senior leadership cycles between stints as agency SESes (Senior Executive Service) and sitting on boards of companies with which we had massive procurement contracts.

A nation that uses a drag queen to promote the US Navy is not a nation that is forming fighting men. If we really get into the scenarios discussed in MiH, taking on China, Russia, Iran, etc., I fear we are going to find out that we have been resting on our laurels for far too long. My eyes have been opened to how much of a warmonger our country is. Whatever happened to "speak softly and carry a big stick"?

This blog has caused me to change from solidly pro-Israel to realizing that there are two sides to this conflict. Many Jewish commentators that I respect are apoplectic that anyone would dare question if Israel has dirty hands.

I see how the leadership cares about Ukraine and Israel but not about our borders, to say nothing of Maui and East Palestine. Vaccine injuries and deaths are covered over, nothing to see here. Our government, both parties, the media, unions, universities, public grade and high schools, churches and corporations are all compromised. Truth is the casualty.

As we've gotten away from God, we have atrophied. A huge mistake was made in abandoning our industrial base. I wasted 30 years of my life being a Republican and about 40 years of my life being a conservative.

Now I'm learning to think for myself and being content living my vocation as a Chrisitan.

Many thanks for all you do, and to the commenters, as well.

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Mark, you hit a home run, bases loaded, even before the Series starts! Mercouris’ excoriating critique of America’s do-nothing approach to ME/Palestinian problem over the past 70+ years; Helmer’s depiction of our falling into the “trap” laid by Russia, China, Iran militaries; and Tucker’s (Epoch Times) insight into the real reason Jordan cannot become Speaker. In the background we hear the natterings of Mike Allen and co., that insufferable, arrogant partisan of “Old Washington…” I remember way back when Hugh Hewitt (!!) used to have him on in order to please the Beltway commuters and prove his bona fides with the DC in-crowd, I would literally turn off that segment, so revolting were the two of them…no more! But it really is stunning to see them clutching their pearls at this late date and darkest hour…

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Outstanding commentary. All this is explained from the point of view of one American in my new book "Our Country Then and Now"", Clarity Press by Richard C Cook.

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Past Israeli Ground Operations & the Limits of Israeli Military Power


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Very interesting assessment of 2014 IDF attack on Gaza by stunned US officers:

“The only possible reason for doing that is to kill a lot of people in as short a period of time as possible,” said the senior U.S. military officer. “It’s not mowing the lawn,” he added, referring to a popular IDF term for periodic military operations against Hamas in Gaza. “It’s removing the topsoil.”

“Holy bejeezus,” exclaimed retired Lt. Gen. Robert Gard when told the numbers of artillery pieces and rounds fired during the July 21 action. “That rate of fire over that period of time is astonishing. If the figures are even half right, Israel’s response was absolutely disproportionate.”

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Amazing post. Thank you.

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Lots of good news here, among the bad. I submit that the reason they're in panic mode is that they are just beginning to get an inkling of what we have known for some time. It's not that the pilot is incorrigible and making all the wrong moves to bring the plane to safety, it's that the plane has been hijacked.

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Washington Post

Ukrainian spies with deep ties to CIA wage shadow war against Russia


Use this to view per Elon.,,


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I think plan A was to subsume into the global hegemony Iraq, Syria, Russia and Iran. Part of me thinks China is a bluff and in the western orbit.

Russian intervention in Syria and annexing Crimea was the turning point.

Plan B was the grand offensive to get Crimea back.

Now we’re onto plan C which involves a lot more actors and can go awry in many more different ways.

There are no hard nosed Kissingers anymore with real world experience. The tension with this elite set now is palpable.

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Per CNN Russia tested a Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile from a sub in 2021. The Russkies said it was successful and they have had two more years to think about it. 1000 km range and speed of Mach 9. Hopefully we can still find their subs lurking near our ships. If we can’t hopefully our ships have a new defense against these weapons that we have not heard about. People in positions to know about these things are stating that the time of surface ships might be over. Hopefully we will not learn this the hard way. Lots of hoping in this comment.

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Wow, just like that, our axis of enemies goes from Iran, Iraq, and North Korea to Russia, China, and Iran. AA right to the Major Leagues. How could that have been worse managed?

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It pains me to say this, as an older American who used to proudly fly Old Glory on the requisite holidays, Uncle Sugar needs/deserves a serious smack in the mouth. And I mean this in a productive way.

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The Axios guys say "Former top intelligence officials tell us domestic unrest is one of their biggest fears — whether it's triggered by court rulings against former President Trump or protests over war in the Middle East."

Would any of these officials be the former senior intelligence officials who signed a letter, en masse, telling us that the disclosure of the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop in October 2020 had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation"?

The people staffing "our" intelligence agencies are most worried about their domestic enemies, and not "our" foreign enemies. We really are "two Americas": one filled with hapless Americans and recent immigrants, the other filled with those of a transnational view. Obama was their first president.

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I can’t believe they are sending a carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf.

It’s a sitting target for Iranian suicide boats, missiles, etc. Oops, I meant “Houthani”.

My guess again trying to project strength and bluff away a confrontation.

I did not realize US forces were in Jordan, but I’m not surprised, sigh.

I wonder if Russia will publicly send more advanced air defense missiles to Iran, or if Russia will deploy Kinzals to Iran (under Russian control). Same can be done in North Korea.

McConnell against Jim Jordan, wow. I wish the eGOP fought as ruthlessly against the Left, as they do tea parties and Maga types.

And more Biden Scandals drop. His brother has had an amazing career.


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