Synthesising Mike's and Ray's points (see below) I'd suggest the ICC is knifed and left to bleed out, once and for all. The current iteration is wholly owned by NATO. Replace, immediately, with a properly constituted and UN-backed Court of Justice and Reconciliation (or something along those lines, modeled on the South African example that was presided over by Desmond Tutu).

NATO, but not least UK and US, should also publicly eat crow, as should Zelensky in the unlikely case that he survives this. No way should any of the guilty parties be able to creep off and then present the whole debacle as some kind of victory. I realise that's unlikely to make it's way into a Treaty as such, so:

1) Ukraine maintains neutrality and never joins NATO or any analagous military alliance

2) Crimea, Donbas, Black Sea oblast/s, etc are recognised as part of the Russian Federation

3) All sanctions end.

4) Frozen/stolen funds are returned to permit rebuilding according to RF priorities

5) Resources/assets in the hands of BlackRock etc are declared forfeit without compensation

6) Biden, UK and EU attend negotiations and are parties to any agreement.

7) A legitimate Ukraine government is elected and any remaining Nazis dealt with by successor body to the ICC (with all pending 'cases' - not least that of V. Putin - ceased)

8) UN Security Council ratifies the above

Appended by a binding undertaking that a new NATO Sec Gen will restructure the alliance and have installations that adjoin/threated RF removed. Finland, Sweden, et al: this means you.

Plus unambiguous mea culpa.

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Assume this is the message Burns from CIA was told to deliver on his visit a few days ago. Seems to me with all these "analysts" not many cover the CIA's role in all of the global misfires. Read previous blogs about this but it's more and more obvious.

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After watching these clowns for so long, you finally just run out of adjectives to describe their antics and their incompetence. Apparently they just don’t have a keen grasp of the obvious.

If I’m certain of anything at this point, I am 100% certain that Vladimir Putin is going to rub their collective Neocon noses in this fiasco and he most definitely will NOT let

them avoid the consequences of their folly.

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So, my government lied to me again? Go figure.

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Russia will not let Zhou and EU wiggle off the hook with a ceasefire at this point.

1) No NATO Ever (or as long as NATO is around)

2) No giveback of land

3) All sanctions ended and $$$ returned

4) Biden and EU at the table and parties to any agreement.

5) Ukraine regime change and Nazi's addressed

6) UN Security Council ratification of settlement.

Putin will position for an unconditional surrender. Putin/Russia will have necessary leverage when they press the battle in the spring (to cause Zhou maximum election damage). 1) capture Kharkiv and Odessa, 2) move on Kiev from the north and east, and 3) move to the Dnipro River. Ukraine army will surrender/collapse.

Sad state of affairs for US internationally, combined with Afgan withdrawl debacle, de-dolarization, Mideast humiliation and Gaza handcuffs. Quite a record for Biden, Sullivan, Nuland and Blinken (and their boss Obama)

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And the damn fool democrats will still vote for him next year. Or whatever puppet they stick in his place.

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Don’t forget International Criminal Court arrest warrant and charges against Putin.

I don’t see an off-ramp for that action.

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Those Neocons, are they stupid morons or what? Their little pea brains are awfully dense, as dense as depleted uranium, and quite radioactive as well.

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The NeoCons seem to think the Russians don't read the Washington Post and NY Times.

I mean, they tell Putin and Co everyday exactly what they plan on doing.

It's retarded.

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G'day all. How is it projection (widely used by US Democrats from 'Racist! Racist! to 'Save Democracy!) is now expected to work on the World Stage? US Dem voters are long-term mis-dis info US Education system investments proving their ignorance; Russian (and others) are somehow supposed to conform to that standard? It appears not just stupid, but mass life-taking idiocy at its worst. And so it goes... Best regards Mark, and, all MIH information seekers here. (WrH)

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>>it still remains that thousands of Russians have lost their lives in this war and none of them had to die but for Biden and the rest of the Western "leaders".<<

I don't think the effect of this on Russian thinking can be overestimated. And yet, how many Americans give a moment's thought to the grieving parents?

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