Dems' haven't had to defend their position since Roe. And starting on campuses around the 90s, but now mainstream among Dems, they feel no need to even attempt to persuade anyone of their points of view. They've gotten lazy about the abortion issue, and they are so uncomfortable convincing anyone of their view. Their instincts are to double down and ratchet up how extreme their rhetoric is--exactly the opposite approach required here. Never thought I'd see this play out quite this way, but the Dems might end up worse off after Roe being overturned.

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Jul 6, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

This Stephen Miller piece (tinyurl.com/3yf3n2d8) dovetails nicely I think with this post, saying in part,

"However, the main problem for Democrats lies in their extreme position on abortion up to the moment of birth. Roe acted as a warm duvet over the operational procedures of abortion. It allowed Democrats to stand by a 'pro-choice' talking point without having to defend it to a moderate electorate still not comfortable with a party willing to celebrate abortion. With Roe lifted, Democrats now have to go about the act of actually selling abortion by campaigning on it at state levels. For the first time in 50 years, national office seekers will have to specify their positions. Democrats will be forced either to stand firm on an unpopular extreme or moderate their positions and anger their base further. As of now, they cannot decide, and they are unprepared."

That last bit about politicians actually having to give a specific position on their own state laws is the key. It will expose them. Exposure is sunlight, and sunlight truly is the best disinfectant.

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The abortionists totally lost me when they mandated the vaccine.

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If the Republicans came out in support of an 8 or 10 week ban with exceptions for age (14 and younger), mother’s physical health, and allowing induced delivery or c-section at any point for fatal fetal abnormality, they would win this issue over the long term, and save a lot of small humans from being burned alive in saline or ripped apart limb by limb. It would be the long play. They aren’t good enough politically to make it.

Like many Americans, I don’t think bodily autonomy should end at puberty for girls, and I certainly wouldn’t give a rapist’s sperm more rights to reproduction than the girl or woman who got rapped. I also acknowledge a fetus is a stage of human development, and every successful abortion ends an innocent human life. I chose bodily autonomy, but it doesn’t take 3 or more months to assert bodily autonomy. Women and girls are not so hapless and incompetent they need 9 months to decide if they want to kill their own child.

Abortion is not near the top of my list of priorities in voting, and I have come to believe through Covid disasters Democrats position is based on the reality that they simply hate small humans. Dems certainly don’t give a crap about bodily autonomy or Women’s rights. If abortion ever does become a top issue for me, I’ll vote for whichever party lands nearest to an elective ban passed 8 weeks.

I made the mistake of voting for mostly Dems for the first 15 years I could vote, thanks to lots of indoctrination in undergrad and grad school, which is a huge regret I have as a mom now. I don’t intend to make the same mistake again. I am for early choice, but I am NOT for the Dem policies of murdering and destroying little humans just for the hell of it. That puts my position FAR closer to Republicans these days than Democrats. That’s the case for so many issues.

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Thanks for this analysis. It seems solid, and reminds me, yet again, that Ds don't seem to have any interest in policies that command majority support. Another reminder how a linear, progressive view of history is incompatible with a republic and democracy.

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Q1: "As a result of the recent SCOTUS ruling, is abortion now illegal in the US?"

Q2: "Are abortion laws in Europe more liberal than abortion laws in the US?"

A "yes" answer on either question ends the poll.

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The old feminists, who were the most visible and vocal proponents of abortion, lost their voices and much of their audience when the Me-Too movement and the gay/trans/? assault moved them aside. These old feminists sided with powerful democrat politicians for the power they wielded for their cause: Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Ted Kennedy, etc. Once their white male political sponsors became the villains of the Me-Too movement, their days of influence were over. Just my perspective.

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Jul 5, 2022·edited Jul 6, 2022

"What these people are going to learn over the next months is that the SCOTUS has actually given them what they preferred—by overturning Roe."

That to me has always seemed key. As hard as the obscurantists try to keep people convinced that overturning Roe v Wade makes abortion illegal, once the states start enacting their abortion policies, everyone everywhere is eventually going to see the reality. These policies as a whole will appear reasonable to them, and that will be enough to get most of their support. So look for support of Dobbs to grow over the months and years for sure.

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