They most certainly are flying by the seat of their pants, Mark. What is happening now is pure desperation as they try to figure out how to extend and pretend this war through the election cycle to maintain the possibility of the ages-old enmity versus Russia.

But the KSA flip is real. Swap lines are a precursor to intervention. My tweet was high concept but it goes like this:

1) announce swap lines

2) start taking real amounts of yuan for oil

3) this breaks the peg of the Riyal to the USD when oil is relatively strong, not in crisis mode.

4) the substitution of the CNY for the USD is existential for the US who then attacks the KSA exchange rate, pulling money out of the country...


6) expanded swaps to convert USD encumbered assets with Riyal assets, once USD are verboten in KSA.

7) China provides them, with loans repayable in CNY.

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Thanks--more food for thought! Meanwhile ...

Tom Luongo (Head Sneetch) @TFL1728

Don't let them gaslight you, these lawsuits against @mediamattersZA headed up by

@elonmusk are a massive shot across the Globalist bow.

David Brock has coordinated most of the 'reality shitshow' you've watched over the past 20 years.

Tom Luongo (Head Sneetch) @TFL1728·

That's the point of the exercise, clearly. @elonmusk et.al. are going after the source b/c they feel strong enough to be able to do so without repercussions....

Now you know why major companies are dropping advertising on X.

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"...Ethiopia, the largest country in the African continent..." I don't understand in what sense it is. Algeria is the largest geographically and Nigeria is the most populous.

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I noted that and questioned it, too. I probably should have inserted a [sic]. Still, Ethiopia is a very large, populous, resource rich, and strategically located country.

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There seems to be a difference from GOP and Democrat Neocons.

McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Wolferitz, snd Cheney on the GOP.

GOP neocons:

- would love to flatten Iran.

- 100% support Israel, right or wrong

Democratic Neocons

- support the Iranian Government


- Hate Russia

- Want to pivot to Asia

- Hate Secular Arab Governments. See Libya and Syria.

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If you're talking about Wolfowitz, I still remember clearly he was planted on the TODAY show on Sep 11, 2001, to immediately insinuate that Bin Laden was behind the Towers being attacked at that very moment. How convenient. One of the first signs that the whole operation was an inside job.

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I submit McCain, Graham, and Cheney are self-interested war mongers not neocons. These are the people who line their pockets by promoting war and they do the bidding of their neocon overlords and bow and scrape in fear before the Israel lobby.. Wolfowitz is a neocon whose arrogance and agenda is pure Zionist supremacy by using the United States to do Israel's bidding and that of the Western Oligarchs. This is not new, but becoming more widely known and understood as people begin to wake up to who controls this country and what they want to do with that control and to us.

There are no Democrat neocons, that is a contradiction in terms. What you have mainly is secular radical Penthouse Bolsheviks who are willing to betray everyone and anyone if it suits their ideological agenda. The anti-Israel/pro-Iranian, Palestinian nonsense is the result of Zionist control of our education and government under the Biden regime and into the future, this is why we have election rigging with no accountability. They are used to create chaos and division within. They are only interested in destroying the United States to create total control, at a minimum of the West, with an eye toward OWG under the great re-set. What they hate is anyone who does not adhere to their ideological beliefs. They are completely confident that they hold the proper view of the meaning of life and their socio and psychopathic behavior is endemic to their sense of self and completely unaware of their insanity..

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Interesting article to further the discussion.

Interesting a key commonality of neocons is their hatred of Trump. Lots of them were involved with the Steele Dossier.


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Ray, thanks for pointing me to this article. I didn't read Greenwald back then until he moved over to substack although I enjoyed his appearances on Tucker Carlson's show. Yes, very interesting, but in view of the recent revelations of just how much our political discourse and policies are orchestrated by a large Jewish lobby it might be just a little understated. I was unclear of why there was so much visceral hatred toward Trump and this sheds just more light on the matter. When I hear these neocons like Kristol and Max Boot yammering about muh Democracy it seems a bit phony since Democracy is the excuse, not the reason for all these conflicts around the globe.

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Yep. Gotta give Greenwald credit--he saw it coming way back in 2017. I'd never heard of Jamie Fly.

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>>Now that the neocons has been revealed as having no real grassroots to deliver, and that their actual constituency consists almost entirely of a handful of donors subsidizing a few dozen think tankers, journalists, and letterheads, why would Democrats want them back?<<

I imagine the answer lies in the identity of those donors.

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Impressive and cogent analysis, as always. You “unspool” (amazing verb - Simplicius!) the significant points and ramifications of various and sundry (but reliable!) observers from the eminent Mercouris, the laser-like Simplicius and the reasoned detachment of MKB. Touché! Flying blind! It really is pitiful to see us squirming for something resembling a strategy…

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One of the finest summations of the Euros (Boring, Vondy and Scholls) from Simplicius as he comments on Hass and his ilk’s recent screeds:

“These ‘policy-crafters’ have very little self-awareness, as they don’t seem to realize that the very same sterile barrenness of their ideas is the true analgesic for stultified Europeans, who can’t find convincing enough reason to care with the selfsame overwrought alarm, because no actual reason exists. Anyone with eyes and brain can see Putin is not the ‘threat’ he’s sketched out to be, and that he’s in fact merely reacting to NATO’s own encroaching threat on his border.”

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The “Houthani” helicopter borne capture in the Red Sea of an Israeli ship was brilliant.

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Neocons . . . do they have any redeeming qualities? I describe them as satanic, insane and stupid, Macgregor called 'em delusional, they are consistent and stubborn and never learn anything, since they suffer no adverse consequences personally. I answer my own question, NONE !!!

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Arrogance of this tribe of neocons is what is the most galling. They are projecting their “values” which are simply their desires, onto others, which any decent thinking person would reject as too shallow and self interested to be of any “real” value. You are correct the neocons are satanic, insane, and parasitic.

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As always, the neocons have no true, viable "strategy" and will overestimate their abilities/power and underestimate their chosen "boogey-men". If the US were to attack Yemen, that seems like it would actually benefit MBS - sure takes that conflict off of his hands. "Its not me, its the Americans!". I'm betting he'd pop popcorn & watch the Houthis/Iranians & the US slug it out.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and his plan to arm/fund/train the mujahideen to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan all those years ago set all the following events in ME in motion...and here we are!

The neocons don't realize that the numerous militia groups, that they always say are Iran's puppets, have plenty of reason to hate the US. The US going all in on Ukraine, then the conflict between Israel/Gaza has simply given them an opportunity they've been waiting for - to have a go at the Empire when its stretched like a cheap piece of bubble gum.

Garland Nixon posited an interesting take a few weeks ago: Iran could always shut down the strait of Hormuz. It seems I read a few months ago a story about the UAE leaving the US-led "coaliton" of naval security in that area, then Iran announcing they were partnering with them, the Saudis and some other Gulf countries in a naval security coalition. I thought it might be BS...but maybe there is something to it?

If the neocons keep on this track, I think this whole ME situation is going to go sideways. They have no more control over the outcome than they have in Ukraine. I hope it doesn't happen, because I think there will only be losers when its over.

Good roundup - Larry's post was especially good today. I like a little humor with my doom lol.

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These people remind me of Baghdad Bob.

Reality is staring them in the face and they just simply refuse to acknowledge the fact.

They prattle on endlessly, oblivious to the fact that the rest of the world has moved on, and clinging to their deluded fantasy only makes them appear more foolish. This is Biden’s “A-Team”? Where’s Abbot and Costello when you need them?

What a fricking dumpster fire. Our only hope is that all of our foes will simply laugh themselves to death at this appalling public display of incompetence.

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At least with Abbot & Costello we'd be entertained while the world burned.

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Fist bump on that! :-)

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