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Priceless to see how Dr. Malone’s Twitter cancellation has gone viral. Many articles on it, some featuring tweets by his supporters that include the Rogan interview video. Twitter must have its hands full trying to stifle all half million of his Twitter followers:



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I thought for sure the effectiveness in India would leak out. I would never have imagined this is true.

“Biden’s pressuring of India’s Narendra Modi to conceal that the “miracle treatment” … Ivermectin:”

Add to this the Gates grant to change the Ivermectin study to a negative outcome. And the other study claiming they could not get Ivermectrin. And the false death claim against Ivermectrin. The censoring of Ivermectrin. The threats of malpractice if prescribing Ivermectrin.

My head is spinning. Four stage of shock, anger, denial, acceptance I’m past denial, but heavy into the shock stage.

Swag - I know little about Joe Rogan…

If 40 million have heard on Rogans show about the effectiveness of Ivermectin, he used it to self treat. And his acquired immunity as a reason not to get vaxed. And the interviews he is doing with Berenstein, Malone, etc.

How long till he shifts the Overton Window on Covid?

Or is he already moving it, and this partially explains Fauci and Biden’s latest move?

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These articles should be tweeted or emailed to Fauci et al. Criminals should live in debilitating anxiety about the approach of justice. Every moment that might be contentment for them, in whatever eloi enclave where they dwell, should be marred by the spectre of deservedly cruel justice being imminently meted out to them.

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It's hard to imagine any justice being exacted through legal system(s). Far too many far too powerful people involved. If knowledge of magnitude of the perfidy ever becomes widespread, the perpetrators will all need very good personal security.

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