Learn something new every day. I thought the Brits had ditched their DU penetrators out of environmental concerns and gone entirely to tungsten. Turns out they haven't.

This assumes a fact not in evidence, namely that the token number of Challengers promised ever arrives.

FWIW there are no environmentally safe APFSDS rounds. None. Heavy metals are toxic. All of them. Tungsten may be less toxic that uranium, I wouldn't know, but war is bad for the environment. It would be better for the environment if this one were shut down altogether.

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Depleted uranium ?

It seems that residents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are doing okay, but that guess is not based on study, simply observation from a distance.

Then there is this:

"Physiological benefits from low levels of ionizing radiation

T D Luckey. Health Phys. 1982 Dec.


Extensive literature indicates that minute doses of ionizing radiation benefit animal growth and development, fecundity, health and longevity. Specific improvements appear in neurologic function, growth rate and survival of young, wound healing, immune competence, and resistance to infection, radiation morbidity, and tumor induction and growth. Decreased mortality from these debilitating factors results in increased average life span following exposure to minute doses of ionizing radiation. "


"The above phenomena suggest the possibility that ionizing radiation may be essential for life. Limited data with protozoa suggest that reproduction rates decrease when they are maintained in subambient radiation environments. This may be interpreted to be a radiation deficiency. Evidence must now be obtained to determine whether or not ionizing radiation is essential for growth, development, nutrient utilization, fecundity, health and longevity of higher animals. Whether or not ionizing radiation is found to be essential for these physiologic functions, the evidence reviewed indicates that the optimal amount of this ubiquitous agent is imperceptibly above ambient levels."

So, maybe using DU rounds is actually a good thing!

(How dare I? I denounce myself. And, yet...)


Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/6759465/

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From the EPA: "Depleted uranium is used for tank armor, armor-piercing bullets, and as weights to help balance aircrafts."

From a EU public health site: " It has been used as counterbalance weight in aircraft, missiles, forklifts and sailboat keels. It was also used in medical radiotherapy as a radiation shield."

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Whether these shells are provided by us or our poodles, the Brits, this is foolhardy in the extreme. How far do they think they can push Putin and his new bestie, Xi, without them activating one or more of their EMP satellites to bring our entire country to a screeching halt? No nukes required.

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Maybe I'm naive but I find it hard to believe Putin will launch a nuclear strike - tactical or otherwise - over DU rounds. I think he'll up the ante in other ways. Maybe an attack resembling the one that hit the NATO manned HQ or something similiar. He's winning in Ukraine, why openly engage in serious nuke brinkmanship? Those DU armed tanks, while powerful, aren't numerous enough to cause serious issues. I think most will be destroyed in relatively short order. A friend of mine recently asked me if I thought tanks were "old news" in warfare. I don't but they certainly are more of a death trap than they used to be. ATGMs, mine warfare, etc really have made it tough to use them and some of the stories Mark has linked too make it clear that using them in World War Two fashion may be a thing of the past.

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To say I'm ashamed of my government is an understatement. I think it's long past time they got a taste of their own medicine.

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For the military minded, Col. Macgregor describes in detail (at the 9:27 mark) what the “depleted uranium” anti-tank ammo is, having experience with it in the Gulf War. It is “used plutonium,” highly “ incendiary” and “ferocious.”


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Well if the Ukies do use depleted uranium, then I imagine a few Kinzhal's will be used in return.

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I had assumed that the 'defensive' anti-tank weaponry sent with much fanfare at the beginning of the conflict were made using depleted uranium? Anyone know more?

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Another day

Another escalation.

Sounds like a potential war crime to use.

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All these things must happen…

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"Dirty bomb"? Nonsense - that's why it's called "depleted". There's very little radioactivity left (it'd be great for making small paperweights).

But it is very dense.

Putin's worry is that they'll be able to take out more of his tanks.

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Spinning out of control?

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At least,,Megan and Harry can quit worrying about their progeny being named Prince and Princess and all the attendant pomp and circumstance the self exiled couple crave.

Charles appears to fully WEFed and Woke and may go down in history as the Last King of England and the Sceptered Isle

If UK is reckless and Russia holds firm..well that may at least be the end of ancient Londinium


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British governments love to kill people in horrible ways. Their own citizens, foreigners, doesn't matter.

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Russia does not need tactical nukes to be successful on the battlefield in Ukraine. It has also been extremely careful to minimize civilian deaths.

Violating this red line will further convince Putin that NATO is beyond salvage and an outlaw pact. He really did not need further justifications, but it may mean that Putin is convinced he needs to take more of Ukraine than he planned and increase the costs for NATO for any peace deal.

He already wants NATO rolled back, but he may require border states to be demilitarized as well. Or NATO fully dissolved and the US out of Europe......

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