Always enjoy reading Tom's articles on ZH. Very interesting Theory of Everything, but I'm not sure if I agree with all of the points.

The impression I get is that the NY banksters/Fed are simply looking out for themselves. Nothing more. The Fed isn't intentionally trying to destroy the EU. They're just protecting their own a$$et$. If the EU collapses, oh well, too bad. Just business. Nothing personal.

The nomination of Powell doesn't seem to fit, so I don't think Davos has splintered. And I also don't see the US military acting as Davos' enforcer with regards to Russia and China. Sino/Russo-phobia is always good for the MIC. It's simply mutual interests coinciding.

Not sure about the Europeans trying to take back their colonies. Isn't the Five-Eyes Anglo-American syndicate already in place? I think the Davos Euro-oligarchs are a separate faction from Five Eyes, but there is some overlap with the British Fabian-Malthusians.

Anyway, I see the power structure a little differently. I could be wrong, of course. I'm trying to sort things out like the rest of you.


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Great piece!!!

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So when did the switch from 2050 to 2030 take place and why??? Because they where loosing their control of financial system?? and Putin was not playing ball and they need Russias resources to make this work???

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Tom Luongo here... I just wanted to pop in and say, "Hi!" and thanks. The whole "Davos" meme is one that is now fracturing into pieces. People see opportunities and will use them to their advantage.

There is zero incentive for the NY Boys to go along with Schwab to perpetuate a vestigial Euro-centric colonial model run through the 18 LIBOR banks.

If anything, sovereigntist power brokers see the opportunity to shore up their own personal bailiwicks and survive this period of history.

Thanks again for transcribing my insanity into English.

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Interesting...Makes me wonder:

If its Jamie Dimon v. Klaus Schwab, why does Wall Street finance the Dem Party?

Did Davos really drop the covid bomb? Exactly how did they pull that one off?

If Donald Trump were made of sterner stuff? I can see what Luongo means but even Trump had no idea what he was walking into. There really was nobody 'sterner' than DJT in 2016. We'll see if there is such a person in 2024...

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I guess the short story is that the US banking system has no plans to be usurped by a central bank digital currency because their role as a middleman in credit creation in the economy (and the jobs and incomes of bankers) would be lost. Intermediation has an important role in banking. In Europe, the banks are already wards of (kept afloat by) the state/central bank/ECB, therefore European banks are just one step removed from being vaporized because they're zombies.

The Left's answer to any systemic problem is "reform," usually with the latest wiz-bang gizmo. And today, that gizmo is digital currency. The problem with "reform" is no one has a clue what the effects and outcome will be, but it allows the conversation to change from discussing the problem, to discussing the proposed solution. This serves as a distraction from understanding the source of the problem (usually previous instances of govt "reform"), to the "gee whiz" wonderful effects of a digital currency (it's "de-fi," decentralized finance--which is democracy in action!).

And in the case of de-fi and digital currency, no one has a clue how it will work. It's a "solution" looking for a problem.

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Fantastic piece, sir. Kudos. More like this, please!

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Would Trump have been re-elected if no Covid?

No - the only difference would have been even more cheating.

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Thanks very much, Mark, for transcribing this. I saw the interview before and thought it provided the best overview of Luongo's economic world view I have read. I do believe what he says ("trust but verify") and that makes me look at things like the Inflation Reduction Act in an entirely different light. Not only are these massive spending bills inflationary in themselves (will contribute to greater inflation rather than reduce it) but they are ultimately an intentional attack on the financial system of the U.S. We are indeed at war economically, we stand to be the casualties of that war, and it is a war meant to be kept hidden from us. How would we ever know about it without Luongo?

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Aug 6, 2022·edited Aug 6, 2022

Surprised this hadn't occurred to anyone else before. I worked on Wall Street and I can't see the New York Boys meekly becoming back office boys for Davos. Glad to hear they are putting the Eurotrash on the run.

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Davos did it, in Wuhan, with the Virus.

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I like Luongo's theory that:

1) Greek society resents German control over the Greek economy

2) WEF (Davos) is a German project (Klaus Schwab)

3) Jamie Dimon is Greek-American

Whenever I read a hit-piece against Jamie Dimon I figure it's written in Davos Switzerland.

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Can someone point me to a useful synopsis of Syria?

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Fascinating article but who exactly are the "Globalist Elite"?

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Meanwhile the Democrats pass a bill to add $80 BILLION to the IRS. For what, exactly? Punishment of enemies, methinks…

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