>> https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.235638/gov.uscourts.dcd.235638.27.4.pdf <<

Durham files exhibit D in Sussmann case.

Baker interviewed for a job at Perkins Coie after leaving FBI.

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I think the times and many others have switched gears to dishonestly start saying the dosser is irrelevant to the Russian narrative... Seems they are looking for new talking points to keep that going.

I'll say this ... To keep all of this anti Trump stuff going the man must have them terrified.

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sure seems like Strzok's "insurance policy" had myriad clauses..

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TechnoFog's analysis of the latest developments in the Alfa Bank civil case against FusionGPS/Simpson, who/which have been desperately trying to withhold relevant discovery.

The title says it all:

"Special Counsel Durham found the e-mails Fusion GPS tried to hide"

It's so bad, they not only withheld emails to/from Joffe, they didn't even put them on their "Privilege list" -- Simpson's lawyers tried to pretend they didn't realize Joffe's emails were relevant to the Alfa Bank lawsuit!

>> https://technofog.substack.com/p/special-counsel-durham-found-the <<

Alfa only learned of their existence -- and Joffe's role -- via the Sussmann indictment by Durham!

But that means that Durham obtained the very emails that Fusion/Simpson had sought to hide from Alfa Bank -- emails Fusion still tries to claim are privileged.

It sure looks like Durham successfully pierced attorney/client privilege, or somebody voluntarily turned them over to Durham (cooperating witness/plea bargain?)

I can't help but suspect the content of those emails had something to do with Marc Elias's departure from PC this summer.

Things are clearly starting to heat up in a dramatic way.

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Filing in Alfa civil case:

>> https://twitter.com/RyanM58699717/status/1466892469744934919 <<

FusionGPS claimed privilege on emails with Joffe that were not even cc'd to a Perkins Coie lawyer.

Even more astounding, FusionGPS didn't even list the emails with Joffe in the original filing of privileged communications. They claim they didn't know Joffe would have any relevant info to impart, so they skipped his emails completely.

It was only after the Sussmann indictment that Alfa's lawyers realized the significance of Joffe, whom they had not even ID'd prior to Sussmann's indictment. Now Fusion wants to claim attorney client privilege even on emails that weren't cc'd to any lawyer at all!

They are struggling to keep this info from coming to light. It must be damning.

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Between the Danchenko indictments and the memos capturing the 28 July 2016 briefing to President Obama that Clinton was in the process of executing a dirty trick operation tying Trump to Russia, in CIA Director John Brennan’s own handwriting, we know that Team Clinton began a campaign in the Einter of 2015/2016 to tie the Republicans to Russia, and that the CIA Director and top two officials, at minimum, in FBI counterintelligence were aware of it NLT 28JUL2016.

How considerate of the Russian General Staff’s military intelligence directorate to begin a hacking campaign against the DNC just as they were concluding the planning phase of their dirty trick. Really leant verisimilitude to the entire scheme. I mean who would have bought into the Alfa Bank hoax or Steele Fraud if there hadn’t been actual Russian hacking? Someone from Perkins Coie ought to send those GRU colonels a thank you card for helping their scheme work. The GRU personnel that actually exist of course.

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On another front, Lee Smith's article "Here Comes the Limited Hangout" is a deep dive expose of the media's willing complicity in peddling the Clinton Dossier Hoax, and their desperate attempts to distance themselves from it now that it is imploding, relying on the lame Dan Rather defense: "fake, but true."

>> https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/limited-hangout-lee-smith <<

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I would love to see Durham indict Weissmann. I doubt Durham is a fan of his past lawless prosecutions and acted in one of them to have it overturned. Sidney Powell wrote in Licensed to Lie that it was Durham who challenged the Mueller/Weissmann prosecution of the 4 Merrill Lynch employees. Two of the four died in prison, the other two were eventually freed. It's time for some accountability.

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Any significant facts would have been published by the NYTimes long ago.

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The "Omicron variant" of the Mueller report will no doubt contain riveting details based on Weissmann's "Bizarro World" theory of Obstruction, in which he believes "corrupt purposes" may be divined by some sort of legal analysis of the suspect's "state of mind."

The only impediment the release of Weissmann's Smut report will have on Durham would be to create a public backlash if Durham were to indict Weissmann after this announcement. It would give the MSM the hook they need to characterize an indictment of Weissmann as "politically motivated" payback for having alerted the NYT to the existence of this collection of legal refuse.

A side issue: to the extent any evidence was collected via GJ, and not used in the prosecution of Manafort and others, nor in the Mueller report, is it not still covered by Rule 6e? IOW, DOJ can't release the unused GJ material w/o a judge approving it.

If so, this will be the fall-back position of all Russia Collusion True-Believers™ -- the "really bad stuff" -- the proof of Trump and Manafort's Collusion with PUTIN -- will still be hidden behind the DOJ redactions in Weissmann's report.

Hope springs eternal for such people ... including Weissmann, I suspect.

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