Well, this jibes with my "paper tiger?" impression. The US military establishment is an overweight and bloated bureaucracy that has never been called to account for anything, be it lost wars or especially, lost money. Was anyone anywhere fired or reprimanded or even suspended for a week with pay for the faked WMD Lie, let alone bombed weddings, torture parties, and downed airliners? (The Lockerbie victims paid the Pentagon's bill for that last one.) As per that post, it has never confronted anything more deadly than some bananas in pajamas with RPGs, and even then, lost miserably.

Let them wage vicious wars over pronouns sitting in foxhole cubicles and decorate each other with panels of ribbons for glorious budget meetings, launching PowerPoint armadas, achieving milestone projects like lunchroom cleanups and record customer satisfaction scores from defense contractors. They'll display their Purple Hearts for Papercuts beside the stuffed animals atop their desktops. But when the screens of their MacBook Pros go dark because of a thermobaric ignition over Boston, and look up, well, time for another career. I hear the Russians will be needing translators in DC soon.

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We don't have the will, the weapons or the where-with-all to fight a war. Putin is smart. He can get anything he wants much cheaper. Just buy a few more Democrats.

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Are you willing to go to war over climate change?

Only the triple vaxxed need apply.

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The US thought it could create another Afghanistan, where Ukrainians with modern weapons savage the Russian military and bankrupt Russia, as happened to the USSR.

I would not be surprised If Russia is fighting a lower cost war, in materials and man power than the West in the Ukraine. The comment by Luongo about war being very energy intensive is on target.

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I think we will avoid an open conventional and/or nuclear war with Russia.

America will survive if we don't have a nuclear war.

Russia will go to Odessa and Kharkov. All the predominantly Russian speaking portions of Ukraine will either create a new federation of Novorussia or just join Russia.

NATO may finally die. I sure hope so. What part of "no entangling alliances" is so hard to understand?

The EU may collapse.

Bulgarian may join up with Russia after it leaves NATO. Romania would be in the pincers after that.

Turkey is just playing hardball on all sides. Turkey is trying to extract the maximum concessions from everyone.

Most of Europe has no ability to fight conventionally. Turkey at least has the manpower. Turkey may end up joining BRICS after being rejected by EU for so long.

The US could manage the decline well or horribly. We can still be #1, just not unipolar. Our leadership can't do it though. Too greedy, too stupid.

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