Great piece, thanks.

I have asked for:

Secession of Cape from the rest of South Africa

Secession of California and Texas from the rest of America

Removal of the USD as international currency.

It seems that at least one of my dreams can come true in my lifetime.

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@Mark Wauck and others. Could you recommend a biography of Putin and a basic history of Russia . I am learning so much here and other substacks but would like some books as well. Thank you so much

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Thank you. I have to re-read not just Orwell, but also Lewis Carroll. Humpty Dumpty is running the show. One point I would make is that "though there seems little doubt that American public life seems to shift from one hysteria to the next" privately people are turning off. If Saudi Arabia is a pariah, at least they have a government. Just now another 1.5 trillion with zero consideration as to what it does to the dollar and virtually nothing in it for us citizens and our government expects loyalty? They are afraid of dissent? They will get disdain.

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As I suspected both of the Senators from Texas signed on to the pro WW3 letter, what a pair of completely despicable idiots! I would advise Poland to keep their Mig-29 fleet, formidable aircraft that can operate from austere airfields, unlike Lockheed's expensive product.

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What a nice followup and summation of your recent posts! As painful as it is, shining a light on all of this is so urgently needed. People need to understand that this is a war not only on Russia but on OUR civilization. We are only now grasping the scope of the greed and rapacious plunder and corruption; the geo-political, financial, and economic structures behind such; and the nature of our true enemies. That is a necessary step in trying to stop it. Thanks very much for helping lay the groundwork for this understanding.

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Joe Biden:

"pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are. There's very little social redeeming value in the present government in Saudi Arabia."


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