Insightful post by Taibbi, it’s worse than I thought:


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I like this idea of hidden voters not responding to polls. To heck with them.

On a more serious note, how is what the agencies did with social media not sedition or treason? They deliberately subverted a sitting president and his cabinet from performing duties the electorate wanted.

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Am I a "submerged voter" ??? Let's see,

I do not answer polls anymore,

I will never use Farcebook, Tweeeter etc,

I no longer have satellite TV service,

I refuse to listen to WBAP since they dumped Chris Salcedo and kept idiot Chris Krok,

I do not contribute to the big swamp RNC,

I do not contribute to the smaller swamp RP of TX,

I no longer subscribe to the weekly county rag, which published all of my letters to the editor.

I will not vote for unopposed Republican candidates ever again in primary or general elections.

I will vote against most INCUMBENTS in primaries, Abbott, Cruise and Cornynholio make me ill.

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Agree 100% with the reality of submerged voters.

With the real potential cost including criminalization and ostracization by being an open Trump supporter in a blue area or industry, and lack of support from the eGOP, much less the aclu, why risk coming out?

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Why am I unconvinced that the DoJ has actually ceased poring over the seized documents? Eric Holder embarked on a widespread purge of conservatives from his DoJ and a hiring orgy of far leftist lawyers:


A decade later, the rule of law has choked on that poisoned fruit. I honestly doubt whether any ruling, court order, or penalty so much as deflects--let alone halts--the subversive and illegal behaviors. Who's going to report malfeasance? Trump erred in not firing every AUSA. Bring on Schedule F. Fire every Dem-appointed employee.

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