Grassley writes angry letters and plays pen pals. That's been his schtick for a while now.

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Wasn't Joe the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee when Barr was appointed Deputy Attorney General and Attorney General under Bush 41? Though I was a toddler at the time, I'm also a politics and history nerd, and I cannot recall any of the Reagan and Bush 41 DOJ nominees getting the same treatment as their judicial nominees, particularly what Joe did to Clarence Thomas. Chalk another one up to, "its a big club, and you aint in it?"

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Good write up listing who helped hide the Biden’s corruption…

The National Tragedy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

How a country’s political corruption, institutional decay, and moral decline can be summed up in one sad family saga




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"What took him so long?"

They needed us to become Comfortably Numb. David Gilmour plays one of rock's most famous guitar solos live at Pompeii:


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The continuation of the FBI is a scandal.

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What scandal? This is SOP, standard operating procedure for all the denizens of Washington, DC. Unless we vote in a MAGA Congress in November it is unlikely this will change. As President Trump put it "If we don’t root out the fraud.... we don’t have a country anymore".

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I am with you all the way on the question of where the hell was Blutto Barr? The more this guy opens his mouth and the more we learn about what was going on under the public radar during his watch, the more I’m inclined to nominate him for the most cowardly, two faced, self serving and sanctimonious dirtball to ever hold public office.

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That’s one good sign at least—whistleblowers.

The argument against Barr’s claim in his 2018 hearings that Russiagate came down to just a few bad apples in the top echelons of the FBI and DOJ was the glaring absence of any of the people taking part in the investigations coming forward sua sponte to the IG, their members of Congress, the press, or hell, they could have even gone to the White House and asked to speak to Donald Trump himself, as did the Marine Colonel portrayed by Kirk Douglas in “Seven Days in May.” The fear or complicity that squelched such whistleblowing, particularly when you read the number of personnel supervised by Mueller in his eponymous report, proved to many, myself included, that DOJ and FBI were like Sodom—5 good men could not be found and it should be destroyed.

Something has now broken Mueller’s hold over that organization if there are people willing to blow the whistle. Not as satisfying as someone actually being prosecuted for his crimes, but perhaps as good long term if that black box is penetrated. Or the whistleblowers are employees nearing retirement who just got a terminal medical diagnosis, and know they won’t live long enough for a disciplinary hearing to deprive them of what they’ll be able to collect of their pension and any death gratuity their family will receive—do federal law enforcement agents get that or is it only for military personnel deployed to a named hazardous theater?

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Whatever happened to:

Anthony Weiner’s laptop?

Las Vegas shooters motivation?

Epstein’s videos - bedrooms were wired for video and sound?

Epstein’s friends / visitor lists ?

Clinton’s Server?

Involvement in Jan 6th?

I’m starting to see a pattern here…

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You are spot on with the real question. Everyone knew. Why is it ok to acknowledge this now? Is it a smokescreen to bury the dismal financial news? Is it part of the process in removing Zhou? Look forward to your ongoing analysis.

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