Moon of Alabama has an interesting post this morning about the nature of the 'rules-based order' and US hegemony. He reproduces Arnaud Bertrand's review of “Sub-Imperial Power” by Clinton Fernandes, a former Australian intelligence officer and now a professor of international and political studies. In it Bertrand critiques John Mearsheimer's realist viewpoint by comparing monetary hegemony and security driven imperialism. He says US and Western monetary hegemony is the root cause of the global mess we are in. He differentiates China's more survival oriented approach to security. Moon concludes: "The survival and security aspect is only relevant as far as it concerns the moneyed class. Mearsheimer's realist view somewhat misses that aspect." Interesting reading.

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‘ Ex-Obama advisor [Stuart Seldowitz] has been arrested after footage emerged of him harassing an Egyptian street food vendor for supporting Palestine.’

The schadenfreude on this low-life is orgasmic.

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I agree with most of Mathew Blackburn’s article.

It was nice he mentioned the Russian Asset Seizure and International Criminal Court Charges, this is usually ignored.


- Us/nato has no ability to escalate to stop the Russian Advance, outside of nukes. The cupboard is bare, and the Russians are getting stronger daily. This includes sending more “volunteer formations”.

Ignored areas:

1. Minsk accords lying. The West has shown it can’t be trusted.

2. Russian demands for lawfare against Ukrainian War Crimes.

3. Russian demands to roll back NATO.

4. Russian help from Iran and North Korea. Russia remembers those that help it during its time of need.

5. Nordstream sabotage

6. Being thrown out of Swift.

The only hope I see for an end of hostilities is if their is a coup, and Ukraine unconditionally surrenders.

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Happy Thanksgiving Mark and to all M.I.H. beholders. Good blend of perspectives. I for one think this will take strong leadership led by the US/EU/UN/Arab leaders to sort out agreements where co-existence and co-habitation can prosper. As mentioned above, probably not in my lifetime.

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Genocide Joe. I like that and I'm gonna reuse it.

As for this war, if the Israeli citizens and all the diaspora here are in favor of exterminating Palestinian women and children non-combatants, well, go ahead put me down as anti-semite.

Thanks for the perspectives you've been providing.

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Happy thanksgiving Mark and thank you for the terrific work you do keeping us up to date and in the know on geopolitics. It seems the Israel/Palestine situation has become existential for both parties. This will not end well given the current people in charge.

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Where’s the International Criminal Court?

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First impression seeing that Israeli settlement map progression:

Looks like suburban sprawl. Sorry, just how my brain is working today.

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"anti-communist moralism"

Right now the anti-Putin moralism seems like a cold tool, no matter how passionately presented, and it is being used to achieve geopolitical ends that are not in the interest of middle America... any race.

Most recently, China didn't punk us with Covid in 2020, that was our op. A little before that, Russia didn't punk us with Trump in 2016, that was our op. And so forth.

I found the following article useful as a background to this family drama we find ourselves in: https://www.jpost.com/magazine/was-the-russian-revolution-jewish-514323

Blessings to all, especially those sitting at the kid's table on Thanksgiving. 😉

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John Leake has a great piece on Thanksgiving thatI think you and your community will appreciate. https://open.substack.com/pub/petermcculloughmd/p/happy-thanksgiving?r=1mko6&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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