I wonder if the military Schengen area is actually a plan for a rapid combined response for the potential immigrants revolt that will likely occur after a currency reset.

If a rag tag para military can pin down an overwhelmingly superior Israel, imagine what 10s of millions immigrants can do to Europe, especially if Russia decides to play dirty and arm gangs.

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I hope that Johnson is not that dumb. Maybe he was trolling someone.

Speaking of confiscation. Last year, I’m not sure exactly when Fidelity notified me that US Treasury Department froze all my stocks/investments in Russian banks and O&G companies. Talking about stealing...

2024 will be in the history books!

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NeoCon Fantasy-

Using every illegal immigrant from the EU and USSA to fight Russia in a never ending battle to secure the Rules Based Order.

A 30 million man Army against 'East Asia' in order to secure Freedumb and Dumbocracy for Oceania.

Orwell was close....he just didn't have enough imagination.

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"Military Schengen"... Wonder how the Baltic states, Finland, along with Poland are feeling right now being on the bleeding Eastern edge of NATO/EU. I'm sure they thought this all through. NOT! Perhaps we can fund all of this too. In addition, Military Shengen DEI training opportunities as a backup if AI Technology leadership falters.

As far as Johnson's statement, I'm sure someone will reconcile his comments with reality. He's a rookie and makes rookie mistakes. The impact is too significant for him not to get this. Perhaps he needs to read less Bible versus and more financial/economic versus.

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Good news: we can continue to pay for a disastrous and foolish proxy war with assets that we took from the Russian’s. Ah, sweet revenge! Bad news: Using those confiscated Russian assets would trigger a major global financial catastrophe with almost infinite consequences! What a plan!

And these people in DC can’t understand why we regard them with such contempt?

You simply can’t make this stuff up.

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I don't know why, but the image of the Hindenburg keeps appearing in my mind, Herbert Morrison repeatedly exclaims; OH THE STUPIDITY !!!

Are they neocons, globocons, EUcons, or are they NATOcons? Hard to determine which is which, either way there are enormous cons being run out of Brussels.

Too bad the North Atlantic Treaty wasn't written on toilet paper, a little water would do the trick, eliminate that outdated menace to humanity.

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Sorry - new phone. 1st link is from this year. The link above is from 2016. EU has been pushing for its own army for years. Their ambition is to be the 'United States of Europe' so it's been a hot topic back and forth between the pro (Macron) and the cons (Brexiteers etc) for years. My guess is the Russian current thing is being used as the perfect excuse for forming something resembling their very own military force.

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That’s all right, Janet that’s my Yellin says not to worry. We can print as many dollars that it takes for as long as it takes to fund our global adventures. Rewarding incompetence instead of imposing consequences is how we wind up with such pathetic and dangerous individuals in positions of leadership. Insane.

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