Might I suggest that Putin has achieved all his initial aims. This said, he may find it in his interest to maintain the status quo indefinitely, as it seems to provoke the opposition to act irrationally.

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Really interesting interview. My takeaway is the question "Why have the Russians failed to interdict the arms shipments?" Should not be difficult given their capabilities. Not doing so leads to much greater potential headaches. But is a full mobilization of Russian forces immediately needed for Ukraine or in the eventuality that Finland becomes part of NATO? I am skeptical.

I found it especially interesting when Ritter says that China would prefer not ever having to go to war over Taiwan as long as it does not decide to declare independence - and that the status quo is mutually beneficial for both of them. Based on history and other readings I believe him. If China controls the seas in the region (and it is well on its way) it will also control Taiwan. I also agree the Chinese have thrown their lot in with Russia. Seems quite clear and is logical given the Biden admin actions and stated intent.

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It may be the weather around here, 106F today, anyway I am really burning with rage lately. The insaneocracy that controls the "west" have completely lost touch with reality. The Swedes and Finns are nuts to think that becoming NATOstans makes any short or long term sense.

Ritter may not see that V. Putin is conducting a type of siege against the "west". . . Putin's strategy is to put the "west" through a humiliating economic collapse similar to that which Russia suffered after the Soviet union collapsed. I don't think that the 155's will be operational for long, Russia has counter battery capacities, not to mention the ability to interdict supply lines. The ability to continue to supply Ukraine with expensive war material is not unlimited, time is on Russia's side.

I fear that much of the US strategic doctrine is at best outdated, while aircraft carriers are still useful in some cases, it appears that our adversaries can easily neutralize them. Force projection is best done using weapons that the US does not possess yet, if we do not get to work soon we may be unable to produce badly needed hypersonic missiles. The most desperately needed weapons are long range and intercontinental range air launched and submarine launched hypersonic missiles. Such weapons must be developed that can be launched from cargo aircraft as well as bombers, the F-35 program must be cut if not terminated.

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The video linked here, of the Finnish prez, is quite interesting:


The prez is pretty obviously not a happy camper. He pointedly says that he hadn't felt threatened by Russia before and still doesn't, BUT ...

He says it's hard to be "non-aligned" nowadays in Europe. I take that to mean that Finland was heavily pressured into making this decision, and he's unhappy about that.

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The tweets suggest that a senior American GENERAL by the name of Eric Olson has been captured. I'd want to see proof, of course. Several replies state that the "Eric Olson" is a reference to ADMIRAL Eric Olson. These are two different men, believe me. They also both share a middle initial "T" and very similar middle name as well, the General Eric THORNE Olson, and the Admiral Eric THOR Olson. A quick search shows that there is a SgtMaj Eric Olson, a Chaplin Eric Olson and perhaps others.

While I cannot categorically rule out the Admiral (retired, as is the General), I would be very surprised if he was involved.

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I'm still thinking over Scott's change of tune. Did he get a visit from the TNI (trusted news initiative)? A while back I had posted a link to one of Scott's early vids on KD's site and unbeknownst to me another poster mentioned that Scott had a couple of issues with the law. After looking it up, I deleted the post I had made there and I think I made one here and deleted it as well. I wouldn't be surprised if he was threatened to knock it off or they would really burn him. Or, Maybe I'm all wet, but his tone is different now. ???

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I suspect that the call for cease fire is intended to allow us time to build up the strategic depth that Ritter describes.

The $33B isn't already there; it's on its way.

Russia has failed to prevent the rearmament, so the U.S. smells blood. Perhaps Putin doesn't have the stomach for all-out war.

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