Pain to the US, both short and long term, is the entire point and not an unexpected consequence.

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The actions of the US/Eu against Putin are insane. Are they the result of arrogance and stupidity; or are they part of some cunning plan?

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This whole thing is such a dumpster fire that it boggles the mind to think that anyone with an IQ above a bag of rocks had anything to do with “planning” it.

Sad to think that a 98 year old has a better grasp on the reality of things than all of these clowns put together.

Kissinger has forgotten more about foreign policy than these guys will ever know, so when he tells you that you can’t ignore and disregard Russia, you might want to pay attention.

And as you have been pointing out Mark, their plan ain’t exactly working out as described.

Unbelievable arrogance and wanton disregard for the unintended consequences of this course of action seems to be the guiding principle.

These people apparently have an infinite capacity for stupidity.

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Well written, good situational information. What is rarely mentioned , or avoided , is that it may not matter who "wins". What matters is that the war has started and is going on and may be going on for a long time.

The war may be part of a larger agenda and the consequences the war has on the economy, energy, refugee flows , political balance of power and food crisis , among other things, is desirable by those who are fired up and absolutely do not want to negotiate even though the situation is hopeless.

Surely , really a conspiracy thinking, or ?

Consider that the majority of leading politicians are Freemasons - coincidence ? Hmm And what does this organisation want? I leave it to the readers to dig further into this. Interesting but not pleasant knowledge.

Something really sucks. Even Putin seems to be a Freemason and like Zelensky he has a solid background in the WEF. So analyses here and there are of course interesting but are they from the right perspective? Maybe. My thinking is pretty much outside the box.

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