Mark: "How 'bout US politicians 'pivot' -- to America."

Maoz: "This!"

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"Is the Neocon strategy: Nuke it all and start over?"

They literally put all their eggs in 1 basket. Regime change Russia. Been planning obviously before 2014. Steal their resources. Stay on the throne.

All shot to shit by now.

These folks are megalomaniacs and while most think self preservation will win the day, I'm certain some of these folks will do anything to maintain a semblance of power and authority.

Trumps gonna have his hands full.

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I’m not sure that the “nuke it all and start over” mentality-notwithstanding how totally, irresponsibly and suicidal the idea is-isn’t alive and well in the minds of these imbeciles. They are so detached from reality that the idea of a full blown nuclear exchange between Russia and the US seems like a perfectly reasonable goal. Wonder if they have ever even heard of MAD? “Sure we’ve heard of MAD, it’s a satirical magazine started back in the 60’s. What does that have to do with what’s going on today?”

No, dumbasses, the other MAD that kept the world from pursuing the path that you clowns are following now!! Never mind, you wouldn’t understand.

Hey Lindsay, your tombstone is going to read, “50 million people died so you could show the Russian’s that you meant business”

I don’t know, kinda looks like the world may end with a “bang” after all.

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So . . . in the year 2023 being a U. S. Senator means one must necessarily be a warmonger. OK, so let's change the name of that body of 100 'distinguished statesmen' to the U. S. Warmongerate.

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Has anyone from US officialdom even addressed the Russians' claim that the Reaper's transponder was turned off in a designated flight zone where one is specifically required? All I have heard was that the drone was operating in international airspace. Of course, I might have missed something.

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He's absolutely correct. Wish there were more with his sense.

RADM Josh Painter, USN, commenting:

"This business will get out of control...and we'll be lucky to live through it."


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Will Schryver



Interestingly, today witnessed conversations between, first, Russian defense minister Shoigu and US defense secretary Austin, and then Russian military chief Gerasimov and American military chief Milley.

I bet those chats didn't go as the American side hoped they might.

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Gday all! There are no coincidences... failure to Sanction Russia into submission exposes the failing Dollar and related International cabal. *Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely: Money=Power. Evil will pursue power and $: corruptible man (_____ gender claim goes here) falls for it. Guess I had to get my gloom for the day outta my system... Best to you Mark and all your thoughtful readers! (WrH)

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I am confident this action was planned by Russia in advance. They chose the time and place to bring the drone down because they had their naval recovery vessels already in place to pick up the wreckage. If Russia recovers the intelligence sensors on that bird it will be able to analyze and develop counter measures to hinder future collection.

I think the United States and NATO are going to rethink their use of drones in the Black Sea area of operations. Russia laid down a clear marker that it is not going to allow untrammeled intelligence collection that can be used for planning and operations against Russian forces.

This is not a video game. Russia, from its perspective, is defending its homeland. As I mentioned in my previous piece, how would we react if Russian drones were flying along the Mexican/U.S. border collecting intelligence on the deployment of U.S. border forces and passing that information to the Mexican drug cartels, who in turn would use that information to flood the weak points of our border with illegal migrants? Americans would be rightly outraged. So why do we think we can do what we are doing and expect the Russians to roll over like a beaten dog and do nothing?

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