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Here in the US, I never thought I'd see the day when the churches were closed. When it happened, let alone that it happened with little to no protest, I knew this was it, that the plan was in action. Now churches are burning.

Early on, people were even being ticketed for sitting alone in their cars outside the church listening to the sermon on their radios, in the heart of the "bible belt" no less. https://myfox8.com/news/churchgoers-ticketed-500-each-after-going-to-drive-in-church-service/

Notre Dame and other European churches have burned, and in Canada the arson of churches was widely accepted as being deserved under the pretense of church abuse of indigenous. The fact that the indigenous did not approve did not factor in to the equation.

I've never been religious, but I've lost my childish animosity toward it, and grown to appreciate that religion is necessary for a healthy society, and the church has abdicated its duty in siding with the establishment. In the case of the Roman Catholic church specifically, they've accepted $3 billion in taxpayer "COVID relief."

I'm afraid the best we can do is brace ourselves for the worst and hope to get to the other side as quickly as possible.

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