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Apropos of Tucker’s musings about the Media as an instrument of control, I found the following analysis very insightful. I especially appreciated the author’s trip down memory lane, reminding us what the media was like in previous decades, even as recently as 2018, compared to today.

While granting that mass media has always been controlled to one extent or another, the author blames the recent descent of the aptly labelled “Legacy Media” into abject propaganda on its shrinking audience and desperate need for funding. They are now more than ever dependent on “advertising” dollars from government agencies, NGOs, and corporations who clearly aren’t getting anything for their investment other than influence over the messaging.

Well worth a read:


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The more I think about charging Putin, the worst it is. Another norm has been destroyed.

Xie could easily be charged with Genocide.

Brazilian President with environmental crimes - tropical forest deforestation.

Any country that attacks demonstrators - unfortunately that includes many Western Covid Demonstrators.

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Michael Tracey



This didn't just come out of the blue. The latest NDAA bill contained a provision declaring it US policy to arrest, prosecute, and imprison Putin. This was done knowing full well how drastically it would raise the existential stakes of the war in Ukraine. That was the whole point

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Is Assad the first Leader of a Nation to publicly say WW3 is now?

These times are no longer intersting, but dangerous.

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"How much does Rubio get paid to spout this nonsense?"

Yes. That or what have they got on him?

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