History warned us... Fear mongering and propaganda and the spreaders of them both where what our founders referred to as demagogues.

Hamelton - Federalist No. 1: “History will teach us that … of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants.”

Mason - “the mischievous influence of demagogues” was one of the top two “evils” that can befall republican forms of government.

Elbridge Gerry - “Demagogues are the great pests of our government,”

Gerry explained this like a brick through a window by defining demagogues as "pretend patriots" seeking to push people into "baneful measurements" via "false reports".

Those demagogues, pretend patriots pushing baneful measurements are the majority of BOTH political parties, in DC, in our states and in our local politics...

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Here is one of the most blatant confirmation of how rthe Democratic Party has used COVID as a tool: April 2, 2020 California Governor Newsom: "Yes, We Will Use Coronavirus to 'Reimagine a Progressive Era' “There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,” absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern." Over the course of a month Newsom followed up with: May 8, 2020 "California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order permitting all registered voters in the Golden State to vote by mail in the upcoming presidential election, citing concerns stemming from the Chinese coronavirus pandemic."

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Seems there was lots of Pandemic What Scenarios being Explored by the Elites

And then you have the Chinese Bot Factor adding Fuel

And then you have Rahm Emanuel's Quote "Never Let An Emergency Go To Waste"

Scott Atlas has a new book that goes into details on how this was done in the US.

A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America Atlas M.D., Scott W.


I read a review of it, and it sounds very good. He is scathing in his comments on the press. And how Fauci and Birx did their best to defeat common sense.

Review was at Zerohedge:


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The parallels to late 1920’s/early 1930’s Weimar Germany cannot be overstated; look @ the societal/economic conditions: massive social unrest (rioting/smash-&-grabs), increased & intentional devaluation of the currency by inflation (in Weimar Germany’s case it was - in part - to stick it to the Allies for the punitive reparations levied on them @ Treaty of Versailles, in our case it’s to “restart” the economy/pay people to stay home, goon squads in the streets (Weimar Germany had the National Socialist Stürmabteilung (Brownshirts) battling it out with Communists in the streets, in our case it’s Antifa/BLM just showing up by themselves & destroying whatever’s in sight/they can get ahold of with police ordered to stand down & let it happen. That’s actually the cause of the Kyle Rittenhouse situation; if police had been doing their jobs, the conditions that led to riots on Kenosha & the three different attempted murders of Kyle Rittenhouse never would have happened.

The major difference is the National Socialists were not trying to destroy German culture but rather to promote/highlight it/hold it up as superior to all other cultures & make it more German not less. They sought to purge everything out of German culture/society they considered “unGermanic”.

Antifa/BLM despise everything about this nation/culture/Constitution as founded & seek it utter & complete destruction.

There’s no middle ground to be found with these people. One side must win, the other side must lose irretrievably/irrevocably.

We all know this.

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