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Amazing. Confirmation of Forbes hypothesis I’m not cynical enough…


Paul Sperry


BREAKING: FBI Director Christopher Wray's chief of staff Jonathan Lenzner was newly appointed Special Counsel ROBERT HUR's deputy in Maryland. Lenzner's father was Bill and Hillary Clinton's private eye fixer. Lenzner is married to WaPo national editor Matea Gold, both Democrats

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And worse:

Devin Nunes warns GOP that special counsel investigating Biden a ‘Russia hoaxer’


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We cannot let deliberations surrounding the push for WW3 to sideline investigations-prosecutions-retribution for those, worldwide, who pushed the covid scamdemic. No reparations possible, for the most part, but capital punishment to dissuade future totalitarians may be enough.

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As a counterpoint, Special Counsel Hur may simply be a head fake. Remember the grisly and invincible Durham? A grand jury with mounds of available evidence and Zero real world legal consequences

A fair case can be made that Hur is simply created to show intent while providing a formidable evidentiary shield to any request for documents and testimony by any congressional committees.

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The Deep State is pushing Zhou out now because WE'RE NOT AT WAR and should be.

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Kash Patel with Tracy Beanz. About an hour but squares with the McIntyre and Stefanik viewpoints.


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Hur is totally Deep State. Keep that in mind:

Stephen McIntyre


An email showing Hur's key involvement in trying to suppress Nunes memo in Jan 2018. Hur (and Rosenstein) met with Mueller himself, Zebley and Quarles on Jan 30, 2018.

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Then we have The Hill writing a puff piece on VP Harris and all her 'attributes' from out of the blue in the middle of 'Garage Gate' which Townhall takes apart as well as Twitter commenters.


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This is what I mean--the SC gave the MSM the green light to report on this scandal, which is being called "Garage-gate" now. Gotta luv that monicker--brings it down to the level Zhou deserves.

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Gathering storm clouds:

1. Vax injuries

2. Inflation

3. Social media censorship

4. Ukraine

5. Energy costs

Sure be nice to have somebody to blame…

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Say they get Zhou out. Can Kamala refuse to accept the Presidency?? Just wondering.

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The fact that the Deep State installed Biden and Harris in the White House causes me to think the collective judgement of those who are behind these power plays is seriously flawed. It was obvious in 2019 that Biden was senile while Harris had very little support among the Democratic base. So what were they thinking?

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I'm of the opinion that Jill's cancer diagnosis gives Joe an exit strategy.

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The problem is that for the Dems, the cupboard is bare. As you say, Harris is awful. So who else? HRC? Susan Rice? Valjar? Newsome is Harris with greasier hair. The level of leadership across the Western world has never been lower.

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National security is just a cudgel the deep state uses against anyone who they want to destroy. As per the constitution, the individual is sovereign and granted privacy while government power must be limited and subject to complete transparency. We have the exact opposite as the uniparty ignores the Constitution.

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