If “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” then Mockery is a Better Vaccine.

You are way too hard on the Feds. Quite obviously, they HAD to raid MaL so they could find out what the law on confidential documents is. You don’t want the FBI to be ignorant, do you? Sheesh.

And we all know that the DoJ only speaks in court. It does mumble in the pages of the NYT. And whispers in columns of WaPo. And shouts in the ear of MSNBC. Beyond that, it stands (or slouches) perfectly mute.

But we have to hope that our heroic national law enforcement critters are being honest and upright and working hard to protect us all from a criminally minded executive. After all, who REALLY wants the present president to have any access to national secrets? Nuclear codes? Telephone books (do they even print those anymore?)? C’mon man! No joke!!

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>> https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/fbi-special-agent-who-opened-trump-investigation-reportedly-escorted <<

"FBI special agent who opened Trump investigation reportedly escorted out of Bureau"

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I sincerely hope and pray that the three branches of government will soon awaken from their respective stupors and/or delusions regarding the administrative deep state. The Constitutionally established powers must reassert their powers and show the deep state in no uncertain terms that they are in charge, and the administrative agencies are subservient peons. This applies equally at the federal, state, and local levels.

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O/T but has anyone here seen the documentary Everything is a Rich Man's Trick?

It's over three hours, but fits in well with much of what we're learning about our ruling oligarchy.


In a nutshell, the assassination of Tsar Nicholas' family awakened the ruling elite to their vulnerability and set them on the path to raising up the Nazis to counter/contain the Bolsheviks and provide slave labor (I had no idea how many thousands of camps the Germans built for slave labor), and the story progresses from there.

It examines, among other things, the holocaust, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11.

The Bushes don't come out to well.

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Why do I get the feeling that Alexander Vindman is involved in this somehow?

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"This was an emergency situation where an ex-President was about to........" Until I hear somebody starting sentence in this way and finishing it, there is no possible justification for a raid of this sort lasting over nine hours, no lawyers or surveillance permitted, and extending even to the most intimate possessions of the former First Lady.

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Given the distrust that half the nation has for the DOJ and FBI after the failed Russia Hoax, two failed impeachments, and now this 'unprecedented' attempt to get Trump after allowing Hillary Clinton to walk (and all of her guilty aides), Hunter Biden and James Biden yet to be even interviewed, etc. the bar is extremely high for these two agencies to be believed now. Christopher Bedford, also from the Federalist, lays out all of this: https://thefederalist.com/2022/08/29/the-short-life-and-amazingly-fast-death-of-the-fbis-mar-a-lago-play/

Additionally, Mollie Hemmingway of the Federalist made the same case on the Howie Kurtz Sunday show, responding to Kurtz's strawman question that stated Trump was holding classified documents with "I couldn't disagree more." She also made mention up front that we've all seen this act before with the Russian Hoax and tens of millions of Americans are no longer fooled by these two corrupt agencies and the tactics they use, one being the obvious leaks to unquestioning 'journalists' where anything is fair game if it rids them of Trump.

While these two corrupt agencies are playing the same game doing the bidding of their political masters, the field has changed and so has the audience.

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The same lawfare playbook was done with Russiagate, especially the obstruction of justice threat, with the same actors involved.

Two differences is it's taking place in Florida (outside the DC Trump is Evil Jury / Judges so anything is justified), and Trump does not need to worry about being impeached by his "Allies" in the GOP, that believe nobody is above the law, unless they are a Democrat.

I hope this blows up in the Democrats / Deep states face.

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