There can't be many people left now who think the GOP is going to fight to save America. They are not stupid; they are complicit and evil. Unless somehow Maga candidates one day sweep the board and go ground zero on the evil of leftism, I don't see any electoral way in which this can be sorted.

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Happily, this morning I read Mollie Hemmingway's chastisement of McConnell and his defeatist Charlie Brown character remarks on how all is lost. Hemmingway expects more out of an elected republican national leader. She doesn't mention McConnell's proven disdain for Trump which makes her criticism even more on point. Lead or get out of the way - and keep quiet if you can't say anything positive about Republican nominees. As I stated yesterday, the donkey candidates are an outhouse on fire compared to the Rs.


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What's the problem? Don't just vote Republican. Vote MAGA. Win all the Republican primaries, so all the Republicans we vote in are MAGA.

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There is only one solution to this Swamp Problem and that is term limits. The Gingrich Contract promised them, but once in power Repubs realized they like it too much to give it up. Only a constitutional amendment will cure the K Street disease. Two terms and out. Go back home and make money, open a car dealership, a chain of restaurants, whatever. Just go home before you get addicted to power.

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The only person, Trump, that has a huge chance of channeling this anger into votes in November, and countering the DNC narrative, just happens to be raided by the FBI a week ago.

What are the chances?

And note the eGOP has been silent at best, or even shills “we need to take a step back and wait and see what comes out”. And it’s dangerous to attack the fbi…

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To quote a line from an old Cheech and Chong movie, "Responsibility is a heavy responsibility." (Cheech says this shortly before they blow up the car.) It is too heavy a responsibility for the GOP, and they don't want it

No one who has been paying attention these last twenty years believes the GOPe will do anything about anything. That's wh7 they aren't running on anything that might actually get them elected. They might be expected to DO something. Even if they have a Senate majority, they wil never exercise operational control over the Senate. Some number of cucks will cuck and vote with the Dems. Nothing will be done. McConnell wants things to go back to the way they were pre 2016, where the GOP would act as a phony opposition and enabler of the Dems in exchange for getting a little of the gravy.

Individual candidates who can establish credibility with the voters may do well, perhaps well enough to exceed the margin of fraud and survive the ensuing lawsuits and endless recounts if they win. But the GOP is what it is, and it's not about to change. Post Trump, the voters are waking up to that.

We aren't voting our way out of this.

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They don't even have a story to tell the public! TC talks about just put a mediocre candidate on tout law and order and they should win resoundingly. I seem to remember Rick Scott working on this and getting shut down by turtle. It's so easy to squash the other team:

1. Like high prices and inflation? Vote D

2. Happy with the crime in our cities? Vote D

3. Are the millions of illegal aliens and criminals crossing the border making you smile? Vote D

4. Do 87k more revenuers make you giddy? Vote D

5. Pleased with using Law Enforcement against you political enemies? Vote D

6. Wishing the price of gas was well over $6/gallon? Vote D

7. Confident that a deep recession is good for the country? Vote D

8. You're Ok with the indoctrination of our children in schools with CRT and grooming? Vote D

9. Glad to see that someone else (China) can now be the leader of the world? Vote D

10. Looking forward to leaving your children a future where they won't be able to do as well as you did? Vote D

One per billboard, postcard, email, web ad, etc.

See Mitch? It's not that hard. F'ing traitor.

There's probably another 20-30 more easily crafted.

Next step would be what you would do if No was the answer to any of the above...

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It's not self-inflicted; it's self-selected.

And your right, it's all about the donor class' hatred of real America.

But I think it's worse than this: he's not just unenthusiastic - he's seeding the narrative for another election steal. We comforted ourselves previously with the idea that the GOP wouldn't assist with another steal, but I see no reason why they wouldn't if Real America is on the ticket.

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The GOP donor class hates the GOP voters. It holds none of the same values. The GOP donor class has much more in common with the DNC donor class than with GOP voters.

We live in an oligarchy that pretends to have real elections.

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Cocaine Mitch mentioned that the GOP does not have some of the best candidates running for senate - because he didn't choose them. This guy deserves to be benched if the R's do take the senate. He is hard to stomach on a good day. Here we have the greatest political battle in generations raging with a D president so unpopular not one donkey politician wants to be seen with him, and we get McConnell blathering about bad candidates. Has this guy even looked at some of the quacks the donkeys have running in PA and GA? I hope Trump uses his newfound 'martyrdom' to inspire R and I voters to get out and vote to set this country back on a path to freedom.

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Mark Wauk's comments about donor preferences is key point that is not made often enough.

As proof of what Mark Wauck and Stephen Miller are saying, look to Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. A few days ago, he ran an ad about the high cost of "crudites" as an example of Inflation. Dr.OZ has NOT run an add about millions of foreign nationals crossing illegally into the USA nor anything about Crime that infects every Democratic city including Democratic Philadelphia and Democratic Pittsburgh nor anything about "poisonous propaganda ... being fed to kids in K-12 school curriculums." , the "Hate Whitey" Critical Race Theory Narrative and Gender Confusion narrative.

Dr. Oz is running a campaign without passion or conviction. He is losing to a Bernie Sanders' Leftist who is mentally impaired as a result of a recent stroke.

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Its not only democrats who are in for a backlash this November. Mitch can see what is coming and he knows that if the GOP wins a senate majority, it won't be with him at the helm. So he is salting the earth, and telling potential red voters not to vote. Mitch will look after Mitch

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