The problem with this article is that it is so good that one might overlook key points. It centers around Covid, which is of course signifigant when you consider that denial of proper treatment, much less administering vaxxes that sometimes kill, is the equivalent of murder. But even more important is the paragraph where Dowd states:

"ED: I'm on record on Twitter stating, couple months ago, as the truth comes out it will get worse and they will triple down. Ya gotta think like a criminal. You're caught--and they're getting caught--and they're not gonna be able to hide the number of injured and deaths, the mortuaries are filling up, the insurance companies--we'll get into the insurance data. They're caught, they know they're caught. The general public doesn't know they're caught yet, but they're caught. So, they hafta triple down and go deeper into this and it's gonna get worse. It's gonna get weird and ugly and messed up for the next several months. We will win. These criminals will be brought to justice, but I expect full on chaos this year. ... It's just the nature of how a criminal thinks."

He also stated:

"ED: My overarching thesis is that we have a global debt problem. After the Great Financial Crisis all the central banks and the governments started pumping money into the system, and it's been--since 2008--kind of a clearing call that the central banks are all cooperating to keep this debt bubble afloat. We have negative yielding bonds in Europe. And eventually, they know that you can't keep it afloat forever, and eventually something's gonna happen. Toward the end of the debt cycle the interest payments become too much."

This is the basis for my 'optimism' that what our ruling class is pulling off will not last. They will be revealed as not merely incompetent, but criminal. The downside is that before our freedoms are restored things are getting much, much worse. "It's the economy, stupid."

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It just occurred to me some of you youngsters may not recognize the quote. “It’s the economy, stupid” was a phrase coined by James Carville in 1992, when he was advising Bill Clinton in his successful run for the White House.

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A little late to the party but, how does one protect oneself from the catastrophic collapse of the monetary system? I agree that C-19 has been a crap show from the start and defeating these evil, medicofascists is a top priority but when the guy talks about financial collapse, pensions not being paid, etc, etc I see that as fairly concerning. Got a little gold, silver, ammo, food, etc but the way he's talking the WuFlu appears to be only part of the problem. On a side note - I wonder if the big US trucker convoy to DC I keep hearing about is gonna happen now? Don't think these fascists in DC won't try the bank shutdown here. They probably hand-held Twinkle Toes Justin in how to do that. Hoping our black-robed judges will save us is a recipe for disaster too. I see a lot of Americans curling up into a ball of tears when they shut off their cc cards here.

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I'm still wondering what is the real next step of the "evil plan"? There's too much at stake for them just to throw in the towel after all they've done. One item I just watched this from Dr. Peter Breggin. He points out the WHO announced a plan whereby Tedros/WHO will take over control of individual nations health programs.

Starts are ~ 2:30 to 5:46. https://www.brighteon.com/d20fa84d-fc1b-4e6d-b598-dbcb071e7548

Point 5: "Urgently strengthen WHO as the leading and DIRECTING authority on global health, at the centre of global health architecture."

Also, did you get a chance to read Berenson's take on the China Vax? Turns out it actually does induce higher T-cell immunity which is something that the gmo shots don't do.

"The CoronaVac recipients had lower levels of anti-spike protein antibodies. But they also had antibodies to OTHER PARTS of the coronavirus. Even more importantly, when the scientists ran further tests on a smaller group of about 100 people, they found the CoronaVac shot had sharply increased the level of their coronavirus-targeting T-cells, which last far longer than antibodies."

"The average magnitude of post-vaccination responses was higher in CoronaVac subjects for STRUCTURAL (my emphasis) and S-specific T-cell responses,” the researchers explain."


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I agree it's hard to see them simply rolling over, and yet they do seem to be beating at least a strategic retreat.

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