Latest Covid Hoax Tells The Story

For The Left It's Always About Politics--Meaning, Class

By now you’ve all seen that the three day or so wonder Covid Hoax—rural hicks in Red states are overdosing on some horse dewormer, what’s it called? Ivermectin! Did you ever in your puff hear of anything so ignorant? Well, except for believing such bullsh*t? Red State has some good coverage of the implosion of this latest Covid Hoax:

Egg Covers Faces After a Viral Claim About Ivermectin Completely Implodes

Which raises an interesting question—Who really believed this nonsense? After all:

Is this really just utterly cynical manipulation? One is tempted to think that even Lefties aren’t dumb enough to fall for this. What leads to the belief that something else is going on here is the obvious fact that each successive Lefty hoax—all the repeated hate hoaxes, the HCQ hoax claims (It’ll kill ya!), and so forth—are so easily and regularly debunked. The Lefty refrain to ‘follow the science’ always collapses in the face of actual, y’know, science, just as the fake facts collapse in the face of real news.

That being the case, nothing so rational as cynical manipulation can account for the obvious wackiness that’s in play. It’s got to be something deeply psychological, akin to confirmation bias—the Left will reflexively buy into anything that illustrates (they think) the sub-human nature of anyone who disagrees with them. They pounce on each hoax to reinforce their own weak self image of superiority. No fact checkers need apply when it comes to this:

The giveaway that this was an obvious hoax and was always about Lefty politics—and therefore about class—is that not only was this hoax located in a rural area but the also involved the meme of supposed rural gun violence. See, when the rubes aren’t mindlessly ingesting horse dewormer they’re shooting each other, cuz that’s what legal gun owners do. Dems in Blue metro areas wouldn’t do that.

All this goes hand in hand with other cherished Lefty myths—such as that Trump voters are the least vaxxed demographic in the country. One assumes that’s what was behind the latest call—one of many recently—to deny medical treatment to the unvaxxed. This is from Ruth Marcus’ latest semi-hysterical and deeply neurotic screed:

I’m going to come right out and say it: In situations where hospitals are overwhelmed and resources such as intensive care beds or ventilators are scarce, vaccinated patients should be given priority over those who have refused vaccination without a legitimate medical or religious reason.

Where to start? The claim that ICU beds and ventilators are scarce has been repeatedly debunked, as for example by Karl Denninger: Slowly But Surely, The Stupid Is Failing. As long as vaccine hysterics don’t fire unvaxxed nurses—nurses seem to be on to something—care will be sufficient. But you’ll never convince a neurotic of that. Beyond that semi-hysterical concern that hospitals will be flooded to overflowing in a pandemic that needed to have the term ‘pandemic’ redefined to even qualify as such, there’s also the ‘ick’ factor. The belief that the unvaxxed masses thronging the hospitals will be—oh, no!—Trump voters. The reality, of course, is otherwise. But the class hatred is right there.

And yet no matter how many times these hoaxes are debunked, the Left just doesn’t understand why the people reject Fake News. Red State sums it up well:

While I don’t have strong opinions about ivermectin, I just want to note how similar this is to the freak-out of false claims made about hydroxychloroquine. The script we’ve seen play out recently is almost exactly the same. Begin by claiming the drug is meant for animals when it’s not. Then claim masses of rubes are overdosing on it when they aren’t. Finally, never admit fault and move on to the next hysteria.

Remember Neil Cavuto’s infamous: “I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.” Any lie is good enough in the war on Trump. Robert Malone likes to talk about the ‘noble lies’ that the ruling class tells its subjects—for their own good, supposedly—but there has been no lack of distinctly ignoble lies as well during this Covid Regime.

In the end, hydroxychloroquine turned out to actually have some efficacy against COVID, specifically when taken in the early stages. Studies have now shown that to be true. Yet, for almost a year, the media took a dump on the drug, possibly costing tens of thousands of lives in the process.

But because the media are biased and so obsessed with politics over health, they are running the same playbook again. …, the media’s behavior has once again been absolute garbage. The news industry and its army of re-tweeting, clapping seals should never be trusted. That goes double for health issues.

In the end these continual hoaxes tell us most all we need to know about the power elite.

And by the way …