One genocide deserves another:

Germany will intervene and defend Israel's genocide in the ICJ

German government has announced its intention to intervene in the genocide case South Africa brought against Israel at the International Court of Justice.

“On the 7th of October 2023, there was a….


What always amazes me is the visceral hatred of so many Jews for Poles. But hardly ever that sentiment expressed toward Germans. Or so it seems to me. I think of Begin, when it suited him, saying that Poles drank in anti-Semitism with their mothers' milk. When was the last time you heard such sentiments re Germans. Maybe if the Poles provided Israel with submarines like the Germans did it would change things. Probably not.

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Second City Bureaucrat


The Houthis delayed delivery of my Amazon Essentials long underwear

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Great essay, Mark. It is very much appreciated.

Iran is reported to have identified the suicide bomber from a week ago. When we have suicide bombers in the US, I don't think that we will do quite as well as the Iranians.

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Don't we need to start with the obvious fact that the people running the US government do not have her best interest at heart. Quite the opposite, in fact. Does Colonel MacGregor (who I really respect) not know that? Larry Johnson? Or are they not allowed to talk about the elephant in the room? How relevant does it then become that the US military (or the US Border Patrol, Treasury Sec, CDC, the list goes on) is doing stupid, counterproductive thing after stupid, counterproductive thing? If their goal is to destroy or marginalize the US as a world power, which they have said and written over and over it is, what is learned by pointing out that the US government and military are behaving like self-destructive fools?.

Here's a question I have: Why did the attack on Yemen occur (if I understand the timeline correctly) while the top two commanders of the US military were out of commission for reasons that are still not explained.?

And what happened with this, assuming it's accurate, from a December 13th article:

HOWARD ALTMAN (who I know not from Adam): "During his visit to the Middle East next week, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will announce the formation of Operation Prosperity Guardian, a new international effort deal with Houthi threats, a U.S. military official told The War Zone. That information comes as U.S. and British warships shot down drones the Houthis launched in a wave from Yemen early Saturday morning local time, marking the latest escalation of attacks on shipping in the Red Sea."

So there is (or was) an "international effort" underway to protect the shipping routes that the EU (i.e. Davos) cannot live without? Sundance, over at CTH, seems to have some pretty good notions about what's going on here in that he predicted the current Yemeni project on Dec 17th and has mapped out other activity going on that points to the US/NATO/WEF (those are the main actors as he sees it, and that seems correct) opening up another front in the war against Russia in Moldova.

All of a sudden, the Gaza situation is looking like a sideshow, like maybe it wasn't even part of the plan by those who set up the war in Ukraine, engineered the plandemic and clot shot, took over the US in 2020, and still seem to want WWIII, somehow, somewhere. What if it was just that Hamas had had enough provocation and Israel wanted to take over Gaza, once and for all, and that it's not part of the global game that's going on everywhere else? Or, if it is, how does it fit in? The main point being that the BBBers haven't gone away, and trying to make sense of what's happening without even putting them in the equation seems fruitless.

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Well, I guess first off that I would strongly disagree with Davis suggesting that there is an option to resolve this situation through diplomacy. I have seen absolutely no indication of any kind that the neocons have even a passing interest in diplomacy let alone a functional familiarity with how to use it effectively. Maybe I’m just way too cynical, but I can’t see it happening with any of the people in DC. They have allowed themselves to be sucked into an inexorable vortex without the skills or the resolve to escape.

With regard to possible blowback from this act, I cannot help but suspect that the unlimited flow of people across the southern border has allowed more than a few “sleeper cells” to gain entry and they are just waiting to go active. If the violence and mayhem suddenly becomes up close and personal, the havoc that it would unleash on the social fabric of this country is almost unimaginable.

It would no longer be “over there” if you have to worry about surviving a trip to Walmart, Target or filling up your gas tank after work!

I submit that there is an infinite number of “unintended consequences” heading our way for which we are either ill or totally unprepared.

As myself and many others have remarked on this blog, 2024 will a year of great and consequential events. Not many will prove to be pleasant I’m afraid.

Thanks again for all of your work Mark, it’s about the only refuge available in this current madness.

BTW, anyone seen Uncle Joe or Lloyd-the invisible man-Austin in the last couple of days?

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I guess it would be in the West’s interest to block all shipping in the Red Sea to agitate Egypt and the gulf to somehow form a grand Sunni coalition against Iran.

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Good article Mark. I also enjoyed your podcast with Tom Luongo.

I just learned that Gonzalo Lira died in the Ukrainian Prison. You should do an episode about him.

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