Yes, DIGITAL tech has always been fed by possible military applications. Worldwide. So what? That horse is so far out of barn…old history now. Gaza. Ukraine. Just the first drops in use we cannot fathom…of course we are told this is about having fewer humans killed…ha!

DIGITAL is full surveillance of everything everyone everywhere. It is impacting every human on the planet. It is adopted and used by everyone. All the time. There is no hiding anymore. There is no escaping.

So what does the habitual use of this technology by everyone mean for humans going forward? Everything we can think of as being connected to humans is going to go through this question: in the Robot world, what about the men? The Women? Privacy? etc. Fill in any word related to humans. All new questions and all new narratives. The Destruction will be complete. Identity and agency psychological issues are about to explode.

It is a fantasy to think there is any control over any of this. Once the tech is released…there is no one or groups in a building controlling anything, but they think it is merely a “tool” that can be “used.” It’s an uncontrollable tech, with no purpose except surveillance and Memory, unlike TELEVISION: which is a scripted production, that generates fantasies.

Is there anyone out there ready to have discussions about the impact of DIGITAL on human psyche/soul? This is what has to seriously studied, as it is the lives of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond.

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If I recall, Covid was the brain child of DARPA too. Plus all the Georgia Tech / Michael Sussman shenanigans. We should all be grateful.

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Maybe many of these tech giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter were started by DARPA and/or the CIA. So, maybe these supposedly magnificent founders, Brin, Page, Smuckerturd and Dorsey were as much figureheads as founders. What would a review of the . . interesting circumstances of Bill Gates' background and the start of Microsoft lead us to believe?

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I think that's reasonable.

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And the circumstances of Microsoft getting proprietary info from another company were . . odd.

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I believe I've heard that, too.

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The above is a good discussion of the infrastructure.

I would add:

1. China’s firewall they have exported

2. Blowback after it was revealed U.S. network equipment has backdoors built in - Edward Snowden.

3. Centralization of advertising, and demonetization being used as censorship.

4. Censorship in Google results, the latest Google ai picture scandal is not surprising. It was just too blatant.

5. Ngo plus government industrial “disinformation” complex.

6. Latest disinformation laws in Europe.

7. Use of ai to do realtime censorship.

8. Tracking of cell phones. See Ga Trump case.

9. Decision that stuff in cloud is not protected by 4th amendment.

10. Use of 5 eyes as cutouts to spy on your own citizens.

11. How all electronic data is vacuumed up into an Utah data warehouse that is searchable. Emails, web sites visited, comments, airline info, text messages, etc.

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and 12, to add to one of Ray’s more impressive lists: Assange immured in Belmarsh.

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Great list! I don't know that the initial intended purpose of the Internet was to enable surveillance and control of the general population. That's contrary to what we all were taught. But here we are and I think the evidence makes it is quite clear that governments wish to leverage the Internet for their own purposes and their own control of the population and control of the distribution and interpretation of information. To disagree with that proposition would make oneself a fool.

The question then is what to do about it. One answer might be to overwhelm the system with the shear magnitude of contrary (dissident) opinions. That is the preferred approach (IMO) but it does however take guts. Another might be to utilize encrypted communications to the greatest extent possible. That, alas, is a continuing battle of technology vs. legality, fought against nation state actors. That battle will go on as long as the EU fascists and the U.S. Deep State have a say in the matter and is fraught with peril. It is sort of like depending on the confidentiality of Swiss bank accounts - they were confidential until they weren't anymore. No matter what the technology, some humans are needed to verify its security.

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My understanding is DARPA funds projects and sees what happens, with a limited time horizon.

The telephone industry has been plumbed for surveillance for a long time.

The original Internet I see as more coming out of xerox. And just a way to connect computers. It was originally text based.

Then came aol and compuserve with their walled gardens, and email capability.

The World Wide Web that came out of Bern made it user friendly, and open to the masses.

Most of the Internet back end was originally coming out of the telephone industry. The industry most familiar with big data technology was the nsa, both from satellites and surveillance.

Google came along a couple of years later and implemented an ad system that was a combination of pay for click and bidding. Before advertising was buying impressions, but Google changed that to actual clicks. This was purchased, double luck, google had the best search engine around, vs yahoo, Alta vista, etc that were static and more manual based that were just directories. Google spidered websites and had a bigger reach. And they based rankings originally on number of links, which meant the results were more relevant.

Trump was the huge cause of a huge amount of censorship. There was some before, but his win over Hillary caused the internet giants to go into overdrive to defeat Trump. Plus Covid. Extreme cases of tds. $500 million from Zuckerberg for backing democrats, etc.

What the tweet roll showed was the involvement of the deep state with the internet giants. Silicon Valley changed from a libertarian ethos, to a very woke ruthless capitalist ethos, I blame brainwashing, I mean education at the U.S. top schools that populate the elites that are the deepstate recruits from.

Craigslist destroyed the classified revenue stream for newspapers.

And the Silicon Valley oligarchs are using their money to find left wing politics from banning gas stoves to Trumps trial.

Porn has been a huge driver and revenue stream in the Internet. And potential blackmail, perhaps this replaced Epstein’s blackmail method? And most of the porn companies are Jewish owned. I wonder if the content they select to show is being used as a way to brainwash / nudge users? Their search engine results.

Internet providers will sell your browsing history.

Cell phone companies sell location data.

Credit card companies sell your transactions history.

And you are tracked by Google, Facebook, etc through cookies so they have your browsing history. This way they can advertise to you better.

Significant events:

The black listing of Trump after Jan 6.

color revolutions were another.

Musk buying Twitter and the releases of the Twitter files.

Ai being used for censorship

State efforts against “Russian” disinformation as a way to justify censorship.

GPS being required in all cell phones. It’s for your safety…

Banning of Alex Jones.

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Thank you, Ray, for the excellent history! To the limited extent of my knowledge I believe you are correct in everything you say here and you lay out the progression of how the Internet has been used very well. "The original Internet I see as more coming out of xerox. And just a way to connect computers. It was originally text based." All true. Alas when technologies evolve and expand they inevitably come to support new uses and not all uses are guaranteed to be beneficial to society.

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Thanks for this comment Ray.

"What the tweet roll showed was the involvement of the deep state with the internet giants. *Silicon Valley changed from a libertarian ethos, to a very woke ruthless capitalist ethos* ..."

I would argue that there isn't much if any difference--one feeds the other. The essence of libertarianism is the claim that there is no actual human nature--we all just invent ourselves as we prefer and come to socially contractual arrangements to protect our interests. It's basically the Anthony Kennedy "sweet mystery of life". It is what we want it to be.

This acts as a solvent on all human bonds in society, breaking down any common morality on which real human society is based. But of course no society can go on that way. Rather than a society wide social contract agreed upon by all, what we wind up with is interest groups coalescing and seeking to impose their visions (because individuals just aren't that unique when it comes to inventing themselves). The strong and driven and cohesive prey on the rest.

This is where we are in America and much of the West, and we got here through Classic Liberalism aka libertarianism.

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Silicon Valley had a heavy military funding background. H.P. Sold a lot to the military. Semiconductors were funded originally by the military. High speed computers and networking equipment for satellites and cryptography had heavy use by the deepstate.

These industries did not have the huge excess of profits that Google had. They required capital and were run originally by engineers.

My guess is under Reagan the allowance of stock buybacks had a huge impact on company leadership, where the focus was on maximizing the stock price, and leadership became more financial focused.

California also made it harder for manufacturing to exist due to environmental regulations.

And tax laws made it more more profitable to outsource silicon fabs. Any capital intensive activity that could be outsourced were. This also hollowed out manufacturing in the U.S. China was happy to take much of the manufacturing, and the jobs that came with it. Internet business required no capital.

A big change was in the education where the left won the culture wars at the university level, and replaced most conservative professors.

Silicon Valley hiring changed from a hacker culture, woz’s blue boxes, to a credentialed based one.

The key foundation of googles success is its advertising. That is how they mint money. Without that they would have been a footnote in the history of the internet.

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Yep. Censorship and suppression of information was built in from the start.

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Well, none of this is news. Benz probably didn't do the original research. I read about some of this stuff long ago. That's fine--just glad to see someone put it together in succinct form.

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