I disagree with the idea of trying to reintroduce religious ideals into any political party. Historically speaking it's a loosing recipe for diaster and it's not going to be received well.

"...While many secular Republican libertarians may balk at the inclusion of the concept of God at the top of the ideology’s hierarchy, the purpose is not to promote a state religion or even to force people to believe in a particular religious doctrine..."

It isn't just libertarians that balk at that, the failure of that argument is to say that Judeo-Christianisum is the only place morals or values can be found... It isn't.

It's also to confuse the concept of Nature’s God with Judeo-Christianisum and throw Deism out the window.

The issues of the left and right are unfortunately the fault of each side themselves because they largely can't operate by their own moral code. As a collective tribes they are no less subject to the effects of Parkinson's Laws than that of any government.

IMHO The issue of morals and making the right decisions is not at all based on the inclusion of any of the many variations of a God. Must I believe in a higher power to be a good human being to make the right choices and decisions in my life? My choices, morals and values are based on my own personal accountability and I doubt any of you would particularly mind being my neighbor.

We are, or should be a country of laws governed by the secular ideology of law based on omnism. Else you just wade into the same paradox of who's belief exactly should we be following?... Ask any one of the various religions and they will undoubtedly say "MINE" and NONE can help or resist that. Just about everyone of them has at one point or another dominated a country, state of territory (including the US) and at no point in history has it resulted in the ushering of peace and prosperity, usually it's the absolute opposite. Our founders, who were made up of both Christian and Deism belief knew this.

Our issue today is the same age old issue that happens when societies flourish. Inevitably tribalism rears its ugly head and we need to have a good'ole fashion fight about it. I'll will defend your right to believe with my life, I will also defend the right not to believe in the same way. That's not a hard balance to find if you're honestly willing to fight about it and I am! Both sides however largely are not and that's where Pogo comes into play and there is where conservatives are very much their own enemies!

Eventually we'll get there and have a nice big fight about all of this and after we do we'll remember that no we can't "all just get along" and "your feeling are not my problem"... but that respectfully agreeing to disagree in each corner of our own sandbox is probably the better option.

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The article has the polling on popularity of 50 Governors which is useful. The analysis is spin, sorry, who cares about Vermont? Vermont is an outlier and deep Blue, along with HI.

What I stood out to me to is Gov. Ducey and Kemp being low in popularity for Governors. My guess is their aiding and abetting the 2020 Fraud. Abbot is also low, probably due to his handling of Covid.

Note Morning Consult is the official partner of the NY Times, Politico, and Bloomberg so I am SURE there is a bit of bias in the polling. They believe there is no bias against Conservatives in the Media, and there is no such thing as a shy Trump Voter.


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H. Kurtz just had John Karl on Fox, incl. on the 2020 election. It was subtly brutal.

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The left usually wins because they have no ethics, or conscience and will stoop to any low in order to achieve their goals.

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I hate to make general observations about such a broad topic. Nevertheless, I offer the following:

A message (any message) - and certainly an ideology - has to have vehicles through which it is conveyed to its audience. That is where Conservatism has failed. Adherents of Conservatism have been too, well, Conservative, over the last 175 years and have stepped aside and watched while first the Progressives and then the Liberals and then the Big Government Technocrats and then the Neo-Cons and then the global elites have gradually but aggressively taken over all of the institutions of our society. It has now reached the point where Conservative messages that used to have a chance to be conveyed (such as the place of the U.S. in world history, our civic practices, and the uniqueness and justice and value of our governing principles) no longer do. THAT is the problem (not the nature of the Conservative message).

The mistake was allowing our elites (and in the U.K., too) to propagate Marxism, Fascism, Fabian Socialism, and eventually Globalism into our institutions (including of course our educational system). In the process, knowledge of our government as it was intended to be has been lost to the general public - and this was on purpose.

My point is let's not denigrate the Conservative message (which in my case I call Constitutional Conservatism) when the problem is really how to spread it. BTW, why would it be so evil to not add "World" to the motto? Nation states are a perfectly legitimate means of governance and have lots of advantages over global level governance as we have already seen.

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Salient points. The pathetic fact is this was all laid out back in the 1950’s with the published dispatch “The 45 Stated Goals of Communism” by the CPU & read into the Congressional Record in 1963 (if you haven’t read it go put it into your SE & read it; you’ll be stunned how far down the road they are). Why hasn’t this been front-&-center in EVERY GOP platform since? Incompetence/stupidity? Rank indifference? Republicans remind me of Italian 8th Army troops “anchoring” the flank @ Stalingrad in Dec ‘42 just as the Soviet counter offensive picked up steam.

If not the politicos how about talk show hosts? Anybody ever remember Rush talking about this? It’s possible he did maybe I just don’t remember.

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I don't uderstand. You have 60% of the country believing the 2020 election was stolen according to Rasmussen, and I'm sure this doesn't include those who are delighted the election was 'fortified' which could mean as high as 80% doubt the legitimacy of the regime. You have Pelosi doubling down and staging an 'insurrection' so as to lock up under abominable conditions those who question the election. You have a Colorado judge asking 170K from lawyers for daring to do the same thing. You have Afghanistan, inflation and a supply chain disaster, an energy shortage reflected in gas prices and Biden embarrassing himself in public at every appearance. What more will it take-a full-fledged stock market crash which is on the horizon? Amid all this the politicians in Washington assume we are all rubes, deplorables and people incapable of reason so we have to be forced to behave as human beings by the powers that be. "Most Americans view government and politics as a means of enacting the best common-sense policies to govern their daily lives."? That was yesterday. Yes, "we’re up against a highly motivated and organized enemy that wants to put their boot on our neck." But now that their behavior is crass, outrageous and open, we are aware of this. I don't know the future, but only if you disregard the 'deplorables' who constitute the majority of the country can you say they now have the hearts and minds of the people.

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Good article to supplement. I read the article twice, it's very thought provoking. What it misses is the echo chamber / Virtue Signaling feedback loop effect of Social Media. The GOP views the Left as mis-guided and stupid, and the Left views the GOP as Evil, and Hitler like, and the ends justifies the means, with Alinsky providing guidance that furthers the struggle, and abusing the high trust there was in the US.


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"...after all, we ultimately get the representatives who represent the majority of the electorate. There’s no getting around that."

Quite a statement of faith. I think that, in practice, we instead get pre-selected representatives who can project an image that corresponds well enough with a media-driven engineered consensus, and whose real allegiances are to the power elite behind the scenes. If that doesn't work out well enough, they resort to rigging the electoral machinery.

They mobilize our will to believe against us, we collude in our collective deception, and ultimately we get what we settle for.

This is a minor point, though. You bring up some really deep issues here. This is important stuff. I think I disagree with your conclusion, but I will read the source article and take some time to articulate why.

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