I'd like also to mention...for the record...how disappointed I am in Maria Bartiromo. During the period when Mark (and many of us) were unravelling the Russia Hoax, Maria Bartiromo consistently reported the truth as it emerged. Today, however, she is an unapologetic supporter of the Uniparty's war in Ukraine. I just can't understand this...and it is the support for the war by so-called conservatives that so complicates the challenges in front of us as we try to rescue this country from the death-spiral upon which we have embarked.

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Poking the Russian Bear and wondering what will happen…

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I'm not sure where I found John Mearsheimer's latest...it may have been somewhere here in the digital haystack that is Meaning in History...

Whatever. It is an absolutely must watch:


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You know the same thing that all of us know Mark; these imbeciles are going to get us all killed if somebody with a functioning brain doesn’t show up pretty damn soon.

Do they not realize that one, just one, super EMP weapon could shut the entire country down in the blink of an eye and plunge us into an existence that would make the Dark Ages look like a Sunday picnic?

How do you even address such behavior?

And where the hell are the Republicans?

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Just when we think that they couldn’t possibly do anything “ more stupid “, they manage to somehow kick it up a notch!

And what is our fearless leader up to while all this is taking place? Falling off his fricken bicycle!! Words fail me.

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Larry Johnson has now picked up on the staggering stupidity of this move:


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Yes, they are foolish idiots. Think of the parade of "experts" like Fiona Hill and Col. Vindman and John Kerry and Victoria Nuland.

Someone needs to step up and say, "We screwed up. Let's not dig deeper. And how do undo the damage we did to ourselves?"

I just don't see anyone in a position of power smart enough to admit this. We are so doomed. May God have mercy on us all.

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