As I thought more about these revelations, there is no way the DOJ/FBI can fall back on their old 'national security' crutch when investigating a former U.S. attorney authorized by congress to look into the Russian Hoax. Not sure how they dig themselves out of that hole.

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Dec 21, 2022·edited Dec 21, 2022

Good Evening Mark and to all your readers.

There are 'facts', alleged perhaps but with which our country is being operated that, with your Monday afternoon presentation add to, as you noted, my heartbreak and that I, too, weep for my country.

81 million votes for President Joe Biden. 51 Democrat senators now to be in office, many elected in 2022 - in a country who's an embarrassment in the world and running it's 'economy' into the sewer (worse words come to mind). Mid-Term election histories aside, the non-'Red Wave' seems aligned with those 2020 presidential vote counts. Our FBI can not be trusted, let alone the spooks, etc. Our military leadership, purged of any non-conformer under President Obama, is as embarrassing as our withdrawal from Afghanistan and the proxy-war with Russia demonstrates. Not the military members (never is) but their leadership - now reflected in a shortage of volunteer enlistees that make my time recruiting into the Army during Viet Nam seem quite a success. For you a bit younger folk, I was considered a baby killer and despised for following orders serving my country. And I'd do it again because the fight was just as much for the right of 'protesters' to have their childish displays on TV and harass those such as I for honoring the call of service. Troops don't get to choose the politics when they serve; however I will say today I'd not enlist with the politics I would serve.

Sorry to rant: the list of stats I started is long: simply as I can state it; my immediate family served militarily 86 years. Close family died fighting in our wars. The 'isms' of the 20th century may be responsible for 200 MILLION lives taken and today, 47% millennials polled think Socialism is okay. I've stated before and apologize for redundancy; what might the 'Woke Generations' we've produced today poll like?

I weep for my Country.

Blessings all. Remain in Faith: take time with loved ones and celebrate Emmanuel's' birth this week. Trees are, in fact, optional but Love is central.

WRH Weiser, Idaho

Ps., Mark, I hope your wife continues well in her recovery and PT. Merry Christmas!

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Like I keep saying, MAGA must split from eRepubs/RINO'S. Enemies in front, back and both sides like it is. Folks need CLARITY, and establishment Republicans simply muddy the waters. Intentionally I would add.

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"The stunning revelations from the Twitter files thanks to the work of Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss is providing irrefutable proof that the FBI was working to prevent the election of Donald Trump. When it comes to “Election Interference,” it was the FBI, not Russia."

Musk has announced that he's stepping down as Twitter CEO. I'm starting to wonder if, after he does so, a vendetta will be launched against him similar to what we have seen against Trump.


CNBC is reporting that Senator Elizabeth Warren has written a letter the chairman of tesla's board expressing concern that Musk "may have violated legal obligations to Tesla shareholders"

The likely end game, I think, is for the Left to regain control of Twitter through sale or bankruptcy. Since Musk has challenged the Left's information dominance, I believe they will seek to make an example of him after Twitter eventually has to be sold. This may the start of something very big.

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re Elon Musk, Robert Barnes has an interesting theory as to why Musk is disclosing everything. Musk has deep ties to government for money for his various businesses, and possibly some folks were pressuring (threatening?) him too hard, so this is his "middle finger" in response. And possibly looking for Republican support for future legal problems being brought by Dems.

Barnes is on the Duran with the two Alex's, discussing "Truth and transparency"


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Ex-Twitter Employee Scores New Job Working For FBI Due To Past Experience Working For FBI

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Seth Rich again, hmm...

The Kash Patel subpoenas is a bit shocking, oh, Ryan was GOP House Leader, so I guess no risk to the FBI.

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Really good article over at American Thinker today about what McCarthy could do to start the ball rolling to fix this mess. However, I just don’t have the confidence that he has the stones to wage that kind of a battle.

As Shakespeare so eloquently put it, “tis a consummation devoutly to be wished”.

Each passing day just highlights how totally corrupt the government has become from top to bottom. Don’t see much of, by or for the people going on and apparently hasn’t been for quite sometime.

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As someone wholly unfamiliar with federal LE policies and practices, is it conceivable that the FBI/DOJ relied on the more open-ended "or a threat to the national security" prong of predication, rather than a statutorily-enumerated crime?

Also, query whether FBI/DOJ thought that targeting staffers, rather than Nunes himself, gave them cover for not notifying Majority Leader and WH. Paper-thin pretext, as the real target is obvious and the spirit of the law/practice is abundantly clear, but, with these folks, nothing is off the table.

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The law being used as a sword instead of a shield. It’s terrible. Just when you think it can’t possibly get worse, more is exposed. How much more to uncover? I will never be able to unsee what I have seen of our government since 2016. The government of this country is nothing like I thought it was. It is illegitimate. It is a fraud. It no longer exists as a constitutional republic. America as founded is over. Dead. Stick a fork in it. What remains is some sick and twisted authoritative dictatorial regime. The scary part is that it seems to be accelerating. The speed of our demise keeps steadily increasing. Fundamental transformation indeed. At this point, only God knows how this sorry state of affairs ends. I fear it won’t be pleasant for us we the people.

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I wonder where this is going to lead us? I'm rather skeptical of any justice this side of the grave, but surely this increasing flood of revelations about the treason of the Deep State is going to have an effect sometime or other.

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In my view, "collude" is weak. The FBI DoJ Mueller accused Donald Trump of a criminal conspiracy with an agent or agents of a foreign, hostile government to subvert a free and fair election. "Collude" is way too weak to describe what Trump was accused of.

The FBI DoJ and CIA and Democratic National Committee and their lawyers did, in fact, conspire to fabricate evidence to frame, unjustly accuse, Donald Trump of a criminal conspiracy.

Trump 2024 is a necessity.

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Thanks for putting into perspective. I failed to see the significance of these tweets.

Although I am not exactly surprised, the extent is stunning. I await the day that these wrongdoers are indicted. Trump 2024. Kash Patel is a lawyer. Attorney General Patel sounds good to me.

And there is this. Which I did find both surprising and shocking: The FBI paid Twitter $3.4 million to cover the costs of "processing" its requests. Were bonuses paid the "Trust and Safety" team?

One has to feel bad for Seth Rich and his parents. He seems to have been caught up into something over his head. very sad. Probably a young "true believer". very, very sad.

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Great, great, great post! The dirty deeds are finally being exposed for those who aren't blinded by the light of transparency after all these years.

I'd like to know what account the FBI paid for the social media squelching of the Hunter laptop story. Unless the FBI has a secret slush fund, that was congressionally appropriated money.

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Every time it seems like we've seen the Full Scope (tm), something new and unbelievable and infuriating is announced. At this point I'm waiting for someone in the Biden regime to announce that in order to ensure our safety and continuing stability, the Congress has been abolished, followed by a collective "dang it!" from Congress as they return to their home states, heads down...(sigh).

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Nunes was part of the gang of 8 at the time what did he know, the idea that Ryan had the information at the time but Nunes did not know anything about that a little sketchy the uniparty is very deep and is trying to protect itself let's see how things continue to come out and where everything lands

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