Follow-up: The Belly Of The DC Beast

Yesterday we took a look at varying perspectives on the the connections of top FBI lawyer, General Counsel James Baker, with recently indicted Clinton legal operative Michael Sussman. We also reviewed the involvement of Baker with his close friend, notorious journo-political operative and sleaze artist David Corn, who was also eager to peddle Clinton Campaign hoaxes to Baker. Finally, we noted Baker’s awareness of the presence of another key DC sleaze merchant and political operative, Glenn Simpson (founder of Fusion GPS), in this mix. It came as no surprise that defenders of the institutional FBI such as shipwreckedcrew and Andy McCarthy (both former federal prosecutors) are coming around to the view that, while “the FBI” may not have been “knowing accomplices”, it certainly appears that “the FBI” was “happy to help” the Clinton operatives who were peddling hoaxes. (

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