Just a guess but the words "midterm mail in voting" come to mind.

Political scientist.. " we gotta milk this cow..."

Captain Obvious... "I'd doesn't have an utter!"

Political Science... "You transphobic bastards!!!"

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I don’t think this panic will work this time in the US due to Florida. Other Red state Governors were hurt politically by their lockdowns that were seen as ineffective, and are not going to repeat that, especially with Florida’s having the lowest Covid cases currently.

And I don’t think the panic can be sustained for 10 months until the mid terms in Blue States. I know the media will try their best. What will finally end the panic is polls showing this is a losing issue.

Perhaps the panic will last long enough to distract from the higher heating costs this winter.

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Just keep repeating, "Democratic Party Propagandists of the Press." Act accordingly.

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Agree it's a huge scare mongering campaign, but why?

I think the mid terms are too far away, but may be for fortifying the elections they need to start now?

Or as a way to escape the consequences of firing the unvaxed from Hospitals?

Or as a way to counter the negative Democratic Polls?

Or to get the SUV that drove into a crowd in waukesha wi off the front pages?

Or to distract from the Vaccine Side Effects?

Or all of the above?

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