News this morning (April 26) via The Epoch Times: John Durham Issues Trial Subpoenas to Members of Clinton Campaign, DNC. Looks like a good step to me.


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Sundance covered the April 2017 FISA report from Judge Collyer at length. It revealed that there had been many thousands of illegal NSA database searches by unauthorized FBI contractors. This is some of the info that NSA's Adm Rogers revealed to Trump. He then shut down that access. I wonder how the list of redacted FBI contractors in Collyer's report overlapped with the Alpha Bank activity?



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Mark, I love Durham’s use of the term “joint venture,” with dual overtones of a partnership in pursuit of gain ($$$), and a criminal undertaking! Merriam Webster:

1 : a cooperative business agreement or partnership between two or more parties that is usually limited to a single enterprise and that involves the sharing of resources, control, profits, and losses


2 : a criminal undertaking by two or more persons in which each intentionally takes part —used in the law of Massachusetts

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Fusion’s Seago’s flipped as you note. GT David Dagon’s offered immunity, Joffe’s pleading the 5th, Elias considered a “witness” leaves Sussman no choice but to either flip or fall on the sword.

THEN Durham proceeds with DARPA fraud case (1502) and likely RICO (see Ship’s tweets) nabbing Joffe with time to spare 7 years SOL now.

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Docs: Spygate Researchers Did Work For Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller


APRIL 22, 2022


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Yes, these wheels seem to grind very fine. I just wish they didn't grind quite so slowly.

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Durham has gotten further than I expected.

And it seems a while lot more juicy stuff will be coming out before the midterms.

And Kosh Patel believes Durham is stirring the pot to get an over reaction from Hillary:


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The only questions that matters are: does Durham plan to indict and bring Hillary to trial? Will any living person live long enough to see that happen? Will she? Probably not.

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I know you don't think the RICO statutes apply, yet it appears that what you write about in this article covers all the elements of a RICO conspiracy.

The only element not specifically implicated is the "Affecting interstate commerce." However, that element only needs to meet a deminimus standard.

I'll just leave it at that. If you choose to delete this comment; no problem with me.

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