regarding Biden the Puppet President;

This reminds me so much of the episode of the Original Star Trek series ("Patterns of Force") where "John Gill" becomes "Der Fuhrer" on some backward planet, replete with Nazi symbols everywhere, but when Gill gave speeches on TV, his mouth was always obscured by the large microphone in front of him.

>> https://www.startrek.com/themes/custom/startrekbs/images/bg_site-constrain_stars_2000x1080.jpg <<

It turns out that he's being drugged and propped up in front of the camera, and somebody else reads his speech, so his underlings can implement a truly totalitarian Nazi regime, while Gill is a mere figurehead.

That about where we seem to be with president Gill, er, I mean, Biden.

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While we may never see Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Campaign collaborators frog marched before a judge and jury, it seems appropriate that they should pay monetarily for the expense of the bogus FBI/DOJ investigations and the Mueller dog and pony show that resulted from their efforts to destroy Donald Trump. In addition to paying financial restitution (Mueller's witch hunt was $40 million) which is easily provable, a pain and suffering judgement in the billions of dollars should also be assessed the Clinton's and their henchmen to be awarded to the American people. Break them down like they tried to do to Trump. Break them down so far they are begging for crackers on a street corner in southeast Chicago.

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“It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,” the source told the outlet.

“Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

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