Speaking as a non-American:

Seems to me the fundamental issue here is that the left is demanding that SCOTUS rule on the basis of prudence rather than law

Why is a mandate needed? Because some citizens disagree with the proposed course of action and are refusing to follow it. So why not use Congress to pass a new law? Because Congress also is divided on this

So essentially the argument boils down to “there’s no political consensus, so we want you to take our side on the issue under discussion and let us bypass the consensus mechanisms and impose one by force”

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It's more complicated than that. It gets into the question of what powers can actually be delegated to administrative agencies--which are part of the executive branch under the president but are created by Congress. Also, how much deference should the courts show to regulations promulgated by such agencies as opposed to laws passed by Congress. There's a fair amount of history involved in all this. There's a bit of an explanation of the issues presented to the court here:


It's all a "major question" because the issues--ultimately--strike at the very heart of the modern progressive American state, and especially as it evolved from the New Deal.

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"Meanwhile, case numbers are up 500% in many places, and 721,000 new cases have been logged throughout the country, and that’s obviously a large underestimate because it does not count at-home tests which are selling out in stores around the country."

After a recent video* by Dr. Karan Raj showing a lateral flow COVID test developing postitive under running water, though of course some "fact-checks" debunk, there are many interpretations of what Dr. Raj test reveals. So now, are they being used to test COVID or tap water for COVID and so on. Time for a new variant.

* video embedded in the following link to Newsweek report:


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we're not in Kansas anymore, that's for sure

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Absolutely correct, we need a spiritual and cultural reawakening in the USA. I can't say I'm disappointed, due to having such low expectations. Government agencies as I define them: CDC-Completely Destroyed Credibility, FDA-Faulty Drugs Approved, NIH-Natural Immunity Haters, Fauci's NIAID- Narcissism Idiocy Arrogance Insanity Duplicity.

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The signs are very bad and everywhere that there is going to be a clash. Our wishful side looks to the hope of a wake up that forestalls this clash, but our less wishful side tells us that many who appear asleep are only pretending to be asleep and won't "wake up" unless forced to by personal experience outside of the media information field. What is more real for us, that which we say to each other face to face or that which we read or hear on the internet or tv? The battle is going to be person to person. We are just wading through preliminary steps. The geniuses attempting to pull off this "narrative" have taken it too far. Schwab in his high tower will not be safe . All of our individual private lives will be set on fire with this clash of realities. Civil war will not even describe it.

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Well said, Mark.

Thanks for the write-up.

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I will link arms with anyone in the fight to regain liberty in the context of moral sanity. But nevertheless feel a need to distinguish the Christian understanding from Narada-karma. For even if karma may in some seasons bear a resemblance to divine vengeance, it cannot be so because the divine vengeance of Christianity is always and intensely personal.

The Christian God is personal. He obeys no law; rather, law flows from him. Moral right is the expression of his personal character and moral wrong is the opposition to his character. Whether we are talking about the ten commandments, the beautitudes, or the "greatest commandment," at the end of the day we are talking about the character of the living God.

History, then, is only fated in the sense that the personal God has decreed that certain things should happen in order to advance his agenda for the world. He has revealed his major decrees, but not the how and the when.

It is understandable how violence and chaos might seem to obey unseen laws demanding equilibrium, because violence tends to burn itself out when societies get exhausted. But that does not mean that peace and morality emerge in its wake.

Christendom produced a moral civilization. Not perfect, but moral in its underpinnings, its conception of justice and liberty, and therefore its self-criticism and ability to be moved toward a more perfect union.

Those civilizations outside the deep influence of Christianity have not borne these fruits. I'm not arguing that Christendom was superior in every respect, but that it proved uniquely able to fulfill the greatest needs of the greatest diversity of people because of its personal God and moral underpinnings.

In this understanding, morality is not restored through karmic balancing. It is restored only when people fight for it. And we find ourselves at a point where our people no longer possess the moral foundation to even know what to fight for. As Mark has repeatedly stressed, it will take personal conversion on a major scale to have any hope of a meaningful restoration of constitutional principals in this land.

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