Black never heard of 'Florida Man'? DeSantis may be better at playing the game than Trump.

Part of Trump's problem was 1) He didn't understand how deep the rot ran and 2) he was literally being betrayed by everyone around him. The Dept of [In]Justice that was supposed to prevent the election steal was part and parcel to it just as it had been for the Russiagate fraud.

DeSantis hasn't missed a lick. The Battle of the Mouse may be the Waterloo of Woke. The Masters of the Universe just got reminded that they are way more vulnerable than they thought.

Black: That boy [Trump] is our last hope.

DeSantis supporters: No. There is another.

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As we consider that the only folks not involved in the Trump/Russia collusion was Trump and Russia, keep also in mind that those working to save our nation do not work for the government.

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2024 is a long way away, and Trump will be 77 then.

His social and entertainment network / enterprise “the truth” may be his focus. There is huge $ potential there. And he may decide to just play king maker.

I don’t think Trump has decided yet. By being a potential candidate, it gives him a huge amount of power.

And by 2024, as Mark pointed out, the economy will probably be in even worse shape. The Democrats are acting as vandals destroying everything they touch, I’m not sure if this is deliberate, incompetence, corruption, or due to wokism / ideology. Or a combination.

Will the mid terms make much of a difference on out trajectory? The office of the President has a huge amount of power, and the gop is largely ineffective / co-opted.

Ukraine will probably still be grinding on in 2024. Russia has no reason to stop.

And by then Russia will have other markets to replace Europe. Pipelines will have been Built.

And what of the rest of the world?

The weakening of the dollar as the global reserve currency should be felt strongly economically by 2024.

Illegal Immigration is going to get worse as the global economy worsens.

And crt / trans agenda in schools will continue to be pushed by the left, and the department of education.

A black swan events so far are Musk and Twitter, Substack is another one, and the movie 2000 mules.

And Trump is continuing his rallies, that go around the censorship regime.

And can the Positive Covid Vaccine narrative be continued?

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Trump is too old and he’ll never change. It will be mostly if not always about him. He can’t help it that’s just who he is. If he’s nominated I’ll vote for him but it will be another sh&t show. The congressional leadership won’t support him. What needs to happen is a generational change throughout congress and the leadership from the top down.

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When I heard that Trump endorsed Dr. Oz I realized that his political instincts still tend toward the shallow and superficial. He’s all about appearances and is unable to navigate among the opportunists and pretenders. An example is the PA race, very tight at present, between a prolife conservative, with a track record to back it up, and the TV doctor Oz who recently discovered that that he was pro life. Only he’s not sure when life actually begins, being a doctor and all, he just can’t be sure. I remember when Romney discovered he was prolife……. Anyway, I think Trump should just go play golf. The man had his chance but proved over and over that he’s no judge of character.

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Sadly, Conrad Black like VDH, is way behind the curve. He lives in a world that doesn't exist (and it's increasingly difficult to say whether it ever existed), where voters at the federal level actually can elect people who will make a significant difference in uprooting the DC Regime.

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