Can Zhou Back Out Of The Mandate Mess?

Every day brings fresh developments in the ways that Zhou has found—in Barry Obama’s famous phrase—to F things up. It’s as if Zhou is in a plane and has put it into a nose dive—at a certain point the question becomes, is it too late to pull out? In my view, yes it is too late. For those of us who were adults during the Carter years, we know that when things go sour enough, the public doesn’t forget, and it doesn’t forgive. Add to that, the F ups that Zhou has launched aren’t of the type that can be caused to simply go away overnight. On the other hand, politics being what it is, the inevitability of a crash landing doesn’t mean that whoever’s at the controls won’t keep trying to pull out of the dive.

David Bossie writes today to address that question, and suggests one way a pull-out could be attempted:

Biden-Fauci COVID suprise coming? Sinking poll numbers, crises may bring course correction

He begins by sketching out the predicament that the Zhou regime finds itself in:

With all of the Biden-created crises worsening by the day, the president’s radical agenda stalled in Congress, and more daunting problems coming on the radar with no end in sight, Americans are facing a crisis of confidence not felt since the depressing days of stagflation and the Iranian hostage crisis during the administration of President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and 1980.

The unforeseen consequences of vaccine mandates are continuing to backfire by causing more pain across the country with airline and hospital worker shortages; supply chain disruptions are causing enormous economic concern; the prices of oil, gasoline and groceries are all on the rise; and the Virginia governor’s race is on the verge of getting away from the Democrats. Joe Biden needs to make an abrupt change double quick.

Unforeseen—and yet totally foreseeable. That gets at the real problem, which is the core principle of the left: Denial of reality. The current crisis is simply the result of that denial. Please note, too, that what Bossie describes—at least in this paragraph—as discrete problems are in fact all closely interrelated. And the Covid mandates are making all of them worse.

Bossie tends to downplay the culture war features of the current crisis, preferring to focus on economic issues. Now, there’s no doubt that few things will get the public’s attention quite as quickly and maintain a grip on their attention as runaway inflation. Ask Jimmy Carter about that. On the other hand, there are numerous indicators that culture war issues are coming to the fore, across the country. The war on CRT in the schools and the visceral reaction to it even in Blue states is a clear sign of that. Crime and the border crisis are also issues that aren’t going away.

However, the problem with attempting a turnaround by addressing those Leftist excesses is that the mess has got to the point that none of these issues be easily addressed. Worse, even the attempt to mitigate those problems would bring about an uprising of the Dem base—the radical Left.

What to do?

Bossie’s idea is that Zhou could declare victory over the Demon Covid. It could be easily done and would address at least some of the economic problems as well as culture war issues. Here’s Bossie’s thinking:

So, get ready for Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci to shock America. In order to stop the economic hemorrhaging and sagging poll numbers, Biden could announce we have achieved herd immunity in the fight against COVID-19 – whether it’s true or not.

According to the CDC, they "are still learning how many people need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before the population can be considered protected." In Washington-speak, this is known as giving yourself just enough wiggle room to come up with a number that suits your political needs when the time comes. And that time is coming fast.

Rest assured that "Saint" Fauci will be more than ready to take to the airwaves to sell it. Forget the mandates, forget the closings, forget the masks, forget all that, Fauci will tell us with a straight face, because there’s a Democrat presidency, Democrat majority in Congress, and a fast-approaching Virginia governor’s race to save.

This radical U-turn would NOT, in my opinion, “stop the economic hemorrhaging and sagging poll numbers,” but it would probably be the most easily doable attempt at pulling the regime out of its nosedive. It might, to some extent, address cultural issues—especially the Left’s war on ordinary working people across the country who are being threatened with job loss, with all the life disruption that would involve. There are real symbolic issues involved, as well. To take just one example of many, the latest brain wave from the regime—to financially ruin Navy SEALs who refuse the injection—hits many, many Americans where they live in a cultural sense, just as the Afghan screw up did. The demolition of the military on an even broader scale might also be averted, but in today’s military the Special Op forces are the ones that carry the burden of actual combat. Read Thomas Lifson’s overview here:

Biden Admin Threatens To Make Unvaxx'd Navy SEALs Repay Their Training Costs

Forget issues of effectiveness. The sheer crassness of treating American heroes in this way is the point. What makes it even more crass is that Americans, by and large, know this regime to be illegitimate and corrupt. The symbolism of the corrupt and crass mistreating heroes in this way speaks for itself. This won’t be forgotten, but that won’t prevent the regime from making a last ditch effort to induce forgetfullness.

It’s desperate, but Bossie argues that these are truly desperate times getting more desperate by the day:

Biden’s unconstitutional mandates have created some strange political bedfellows that spell mortal danger for the Democrat’s electoral success. When ideological conservatives, hospital workers, police, pilots, the military and Black Lives Matter are all united on an issue, you are in some deep kimchi.

So, one answer for team Biden is to manufacture a win over COVID-19 in order to overcome their litany of mistakes on mask-wearing confusion, collusion with teacher unions on school closing rules, and divisive vaccine mandates. The White House needs to do an about face on their COVID-19 mitigation policy failures without delay.

Is this hopelessly clueless regime up for the attempt? The next few weeks may tell that story. Regardless, I believe it’s already too late to prevent that nose first landing.