Maybe the only thing more pathetic than the revelation that an utterly corrupt Deep State, Democrat Party and mainstream media, all of whom hold both the rule of law and the American public in utter contempt is the millions of people who now know it, but will STILL vote for their own serfdom.

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As Tom Luongo would say, In other news, it's Tuesday.

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I don't have much to add to the post and the comments, except that we have a 'news' media that is a poisonous snake which enabled all of this to happen. Using anonymous sources to promote the Deep State conspiracy theories for years while cheerleading the defenestration of an elected president should seal their fate with the American people - but it won't.

I'm not sure the statute of limitations entirely applies, as Durham mentioned a conspiracy by the highest levels of the security state. One could posit that conspiracy continues to this day to conceal the deeper layers of a plot that Durham dares not reveal.

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........ and still, none of the criminals will go to jail.

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May 16·edited May 16

And who was president when 'crossfire hurricane' was conceived? Who was president when Comey declared Hillary not guilty? But no one, not one of the conspirators, not Comey, not Brennan, not Strzok , not Mueller -none of them remembers more than the one meeting with Obama where they simply discussed the Russian hoax. And then nothing. Right. The conspirators made that admission because they had to...they wouldn't have if Hillary had won. But no more presidential involvement, no follow up, no opinions, nothing....he never appears again in the story. He is the president when all this starts, but no one points any fingers at him because Communist voting Brennan and Communist voting Comey...they don't deny it....were up with the whole traitorous scheme, led by Obama, the marxist son of a marxist father.. The whole seditious plan came together when voters tried to get past racism by voting for an enigma with a scrubbed background,-a community organizer' who attended a marxist inspired 'liberation theology' church, recruited by Bill Ayers, proud communist activist ' educator', proud 'weatherman' and his communist wife.. Just a guy in Obamas neighborhood - So no clues can ever lead to Obama, no one questions his 'training' of young leaders, like the busloads from all over the country who show up to riot and burn and pretend to be Trump supporters. Destabilize, tyrannize, destroy communities, with the Soros money support, and the WEF connection. But he is the globalist elite future leader for us, and must be protected. And now people say 'What happened?" We didn't see this coming."

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Rule of law vs rule by law. The russia hoax is unreal, surreal, but I bet just the tip of the iceberg.

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…and no one held accountable, and no minds changed. Ho hum. Biz as usual. It’s worse than even you thought, even with all of your insider credentials.

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Let's play the "long" game and look out a year or so. To begin, no original Trump presidency would have meant people such as myself would have gone right along with Republican party and been fat, dumb and happy right up until the day the FBI knocked on my door and put me in a camp for the rest of my life. I'm no longer clueless but now awake to the fact a whole lot of really bad shit that has been going on under my nose for a very long time (Obama ring a bell?) and Republicans are not who I thought they were. Corporate press, govt, medical profession, education. . . In short, to bring us current, our country has been stolen right out from under us and we were too ignorant to see it.

So Trump gets cheated out of reelection and now Biden (or his puppet master) is running the show, but lots of Americans have also woken up besides me. And now is the appropriate time for America to get what she deserves, the thing that's gonna get everyone's attention, the thing that has to happen to determine if there is a way back to the America which God Himself helped put together.

And that thing, whatever it is, couldn't have happened under Trumps watch. He would have fought to the bitter end to keep tragedy from occurring to this once great country under his presidency. Now its going to happen under Bidens watch and probably will be directly linked to him (one example would be stealing Russia's reserves, there are too many others to list).

So the way I prefer to look at things (my spin which allows me to sleep at night, occasionally), the chickens come home to roost and enough people are aware of who are actually to blame. Trump then gets reelected and begins a decades long process of getting us back on the right path.

Or, probably more likely, WW3 starts tomorrow and it's Armageddon time

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Full credit to Mark

He was loud and clear as those of us who were here then puzzled our way through the astonishing 'success' of the Russia Hoax: it never should have happened because there was no p r e d i c a t i o n.

Of course, the FBI knew that all along.

The conspiracy of the Deep State to destroy Trump was/is pure evil.

A lefty 'friend' of mine recently discounted my negative opinion of the Ukraine War by noting that I have been an 'admirer' of Trump. I responded that I am no 'admirer' of Trump. I said I simply thought Trump's ideas were often the right ones for America. Especially in relation to America's Endless War pre-occupation, Russia Russia, NATO, and Ukraine. Now we can more clearly see the connection between the Russia Hoax and the horrible situation we find ourselves in in Ukraine. I have no doubt whatsoever that President Trump would never have let this happen (to the extent he would not have been subverted).

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I’m assuming the Weaponization committee could extend invites to all the key players for inquiry right?

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I’m thinking we should hear from the 51 intelligence agents about now. Or at least James Clapper or Brennan himself. I mean isn’t this all Russian disinformation?

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Thanks a lot, Durham, Barr, Sessions, Ryan, McConnell et al. /s

I cannot express in words my utmost gratitude for all the aforementioned did in service to the deep state of America. /s

My cynicism has become absolute.

I honestly would love to leave, never to return, this cesspool, that the US has become during my 60 years of life.

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I wonder if this will transform the Republican NeoCons? Thinking, thinking, thinking…. Nope.

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Turkey’s taking aim at Schiff too. I saw Nicole Wallace snag Andrew Weissman. And Anderson Cooper had Andrew McCabe on. Both playing dumbarse victims.

Mueller had ALL of this info and knowledge too. What a coup. Crime of the century IMO.

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I offer condolences, Mark. The institution to which you had dedicated your professional career is not now -- if it ever was during your time -- what you thought it was when you signed up.

You must be grieving greatly.

I think you are grieving because of my reaction whenever I hear about the US Navy. Today, every bit of news is AFU. Was it always this way?

How did it get this way?

Am I in part responsible with acts of commission or omission during my small career doing a rather insignificant job?

We Americans all share similar thoughts, I think, as citizens of a particular belief.

Was America always this way?

How did America get this way?

What did I do or not do which brought America to this point.

I share the anger, sadness, frustration, even despair described in the comments.

GBU, every one.

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And it goes on unabated...late today (5/15) we read about the IIRS Whistleblower being removed from the Hunter investigation, despite assurances by the IRS Commish to congress of protection.

Compare this to @realDonaldTrump #UkrainePhoneCall whistleblower treatment with kid gloves so that his name was protected, along with not firing his co-conspirator #CallMeColonel @AVindman for leaking the call.


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