Durham’s legal strategy is also coming into focus. It’s a 2 front war which should culminate in a double envelopment.

Starting with Sussmann, he shows that there was a conspiracy by Perkins Coie to hire tech companies with access to top secret government info to first unlawfully spy on the Trump org, and then when unable to show a Russian connection, fabricate one. Now with Danchenko, he shows that the Clinton campaign fed false information to the primary subsource of the private intelligence firm Marc Elias had contemporaneously (I think within 2 days) hired through a series of cutouts to “investigate” Trump’s Russia connections.

Now they just need to bring the boom down on CrowdStrike to prove that not only were the allegations against Trump bogus, but the allegations against Russia as well.

They’ve already proven the dirty trick to frame Trump. But to go from Clinton to FBI you need to prove the predicate crime the FBI was investigating never happened. Which just got a lot easier when you consider that of the 3 contractors the DNC hired to deal with Russiagate, Crowdstrike is the one on which the entire hacking narrative relies, and it is the only one that hasn’t been accused of fraud in federal court.


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A general observation: the "speaking indictment" seems to be very narrowly circumscribed, without describing other related ongoing activities. It almost seems unnaturally narrow.

I assume it is intentional by Durham, but for what purpose?

Does it betoken a larger conspiracy of which this is a small sub-conspiracy, but which he scrupulously does not wish to reveal at the present?

Also, I get this weird sense, a nuance, as it were -- the reason for which I cannot put my finger on -- that PR Exec-1 (Dolan, Jr.,) while making a cameo appearance in the Danchenko indictment, will be playing a starring role in other indictments in the near future.

The feeling I get is that it is just too much of a coincidence that Fiona Hill just happens to introduce Danchenko and Dolan, and Dolan just happens to start feeding Danchenko porridge at "just the right temperature." Dolan also curiously quickly begins to communicate directly with Danchenko's subsource-1, cutting Danchenko out of the email loop, promising to take Galkina to the State Department with him when Hillary wins (how Joffe-esque!) All the while Dolan has been a long time Clinton confidante, supporter, State campaign manager, and campaign advisor to Hillary.

When porridge arrives "not too cold, and not too hot, but just right" it reminds my of Smiley's remark about topicality always being suspect.

And sure enough, the Clintonoid Succubus, Dolan, is "fabricating" (quoting Durham) meetings that never took place, and passing them along to Danchenko, for inclusion in the Dossier.

Are we to suppose this was all a coincidence that Dolan did not further exploit for Hllary's benefit?

Or, is it reasonable to suspect Hillary's campaign was fed details about Steele's PSS and possibly his SS-1 (by Sussmann? Elias?, or Simpson?) and Dolan was commissioned as a volunteer cut-out to be introduced to Danchenko so he could insinuate himself into Danchenko's netwrok, work HIS source and feed them baloney, while doing the same to Danchenko, courtesy of Fiona Hill to make the introductions. (Wasn't she also a confidante of Steele's? Now what are they odds of that?)

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Fiona Hill busted

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Here’s the $64k question: will anyone flip & start singing?

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And this happens after Election Day.

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This could get interesting fast. It looks like the indictment is now available--probably was originally sealed to PREVENT defendant learning about it and fleeing, not because impending flight was feared (in which case it wouldn't actually matter). However ... this indictment came down OUTSIDE DC. SWC reasons that this could mean that this will be MORE THAN A FALSE STATEMENT indictment.




Told ya.

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Something we don't know yet because the indictment is sealed - still sealed?? -- is WHERE Danchenko is charged. If its only a "false statement" indictment, that's likely in DC District Court. But if it's in the EDVA or SDNY -- well that's something else.

Ain't this fun?

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