Good Larry Johnson article:



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Tom Luongo has put out an essay in which he argues against the notion that the Nordstream sabotage was ultimately a means to cement American hegemony over Europe. His bottom line: this was a Davos-Brussels inspired move to pit the Americans against the Russians, and the European population against America, in order to further European hegemonic designs.

This interpretation offers a plausible alternative explanation for why European “elites” have been so willing to doom their people and their economies to a “death spiral.” Create a catastrophe that most Europeans will blame on the Russians, or the Americans, or both. Then ride in to the rescue with Davos’ neo-communist regime—centralized political authority, a totalitarian CBDC, a utopian “green revolution,” etc.

I’m not entirely convinced, but neither am I willing to dismiss the idea out of hand. What Luongo HAS convinced me of is that developments over the past 6+ years are the product of “wheels within wheels”— that is, nothing is as simple as it seems.


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Globalists + NeoCons = Insanity

I am far beyond sick and tired of the United States sticking our national nose into every other countries' business. Especially when we are in the process of societal self destruction !

Somewhat off topic, Michael Anton wrote:


AND Denninger has ideas re. the NIH:


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And American consumers get to pay more for gas too. These aholes are nuts.

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The "not even trying to hide it anymore" is the most-disconcerting aspect in all of this. As has long been clear, these folks REALLY intend to win at all costs or take everyone down with them.

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"Washington can now step in as Europe’s top supplier of LNG, the Biden administration explained." We are re-starting Trump's energy independence program that Biden shut down on day one?

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I hate that the US people are being lumped in with the friggin interagency. Considering that the interagency includes the WEF and all those high brow Euro-types as well as our own elite who know best what is good for the world (gooder and harder) we normies are just pawns to use for funding their glorious dreams of wrecking the world. I for one disavow all of this.

The cause for the over the top hatred of Trump and MAGA becomes clearer by the day.

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Russia actually benefits, because now it’s not their fault that no gas is flowing. And the US and their allies are probably going to be blamed by the European people.

My bet is the US or UK were responsible. Or perhaps Ukrainians trained and equipped by the UK, so there is plausible deniability.

The US / nato has that area wired for sound, so they know who is responsible.

Maintenance I could believe if one pipeline, but both means it’s deliberate.

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So I guess if these idiots keep mucking around long enough they’ll finally get the war that they’re hellbent on starting!

I sit here and watch events unfolding and keep asking myself, “Are these people really that stupid?” and the unavoidable answer is always the same, “Yes, they are….”

The anecdotal and circumstantial evidence is pretty damning at this point, so I wonder how pissed off the umpteen million Europeans who are going to be forced to deal with the consequences of this little neo-con scheme are going to be when the evidence becomes incontrovertible? Of course, I’m sure that it will be “completely unexpected”.

William Buckley was right to suggest that we’d be better off being ruled by the first 300 names in the Boston phone book than by these ridiculous clowns.

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Exactly " Equally amazing is the willingness of Euro “leaders” to allow their people to be crushed like this." The narcissistic heartlessness is stunning. These people make Putin look good.

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