More evidence Israel is pushing for a Nakbar 2.0, sending Gaza’s population to the West.


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So Netanyahu is trying to do a Zelensky: drag the West into a wider war. This time, it might work.

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Biblical lands... I think Catholics would say the Chosen People lost their lands because they chose to disobey The God That Chose Them and gave them those lands to have only if they kept his laws. Like, even the difficult laws. Temple destroyed once in 586BC. Rejection of Christ in 33AD. Temple destroyed in AD70. I think the early (and late) Fathers of the Church did not recognize any right of return. Have Evangelicals fallen for a terrible misreading of Revelations? Who benefits?

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My swag’s:

- Biden Administration is terrified of war with Iran / Herzbolla, because of Obama loyalists want a deal for the history book and spite Trump, and believe a war would be a 2024 bloodbath for Democrats.

- U.S. could hurt Iran and Herzbolla, but it would be at a huge blood and economic cost. Iran and Herzbolla are a lot tougher now, and the U.S.S. New Jersey is mothballed.

- Iran is indirectly escalating with the U.S. and Israel.

- U.S. Government has very little willingness to influence Israel. AIPAC is a monster none dare cross. And the anti Semitic card is still very strong, as evidenced by its use with Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson.

- Israel Government I’ve no idea what they are doing militarily.

1. Nakba 2.0? Create a greater Israel?

2. Or sending a message of over whelming retaliation to reestablish deterrence?

3. Or trying to exhaust the feelings for revenge?

4. Minimizing casualties, while giving appearance of hurting Hamas tremendously?

5. Or trying to sucker the U.S. into the conflict?

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The Judge is a very good interviewer and Crooke always has interesting insights. Thanks for sharing this. I can't see any way this ends well - not given the people in charge.

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Very enlightening about Iran. I hope Crooke is right and that the Biden admin knows it would be madness to go to war with them. It gives me the nasty thought that if the strait of Hormuz WAS closed that the U.S. and Europe would use that as a pretext for war. That would not surprise me in the least, especially when the U.A.E. is moving into BRICS (https://asiatimes.com/2023/09/uaes-brics-move-shows-global-role-of-middle-powers/) along with the Saudis.

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Turks won’t enter the fray, they’ve been promised a big carrot, probably Kardzhali and the Greek perimeter Islands. After all, in Armenia the collective west has shown they couldn’t care less about Christians.

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Judge Nap is right about the politics of the US Congress, he didn't say why that is the case. We all know why, the US Congress is bought and paid for by foreign agents, dual nationals, persons with divided loyalty. Joined at the wallet with Israel, that is the situation today in good ol' USA .

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This article provides lots of context for the transcript:


Scoop: Senior Biden adviser in Israel for talks on preventing war with Lebanon

The senior adviser is Amos Hochstein, who is also an Israeli citizen. He'll also be talking with Israel--not with the Gaza government--about exploitation of Gaza's offshore gas fields that Israel has prevented Gaza from exploiting for over ten years.

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