The information you published regarding Archbishop Vigano’ is not correct.

I requested Archbishop Vigano’ to record his message to the American people for The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing with General Thomas McInerney, General Paul Valley, Col Lawrence Sellin, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones on Salem Radio Networks Ark Midnight with John B. Wells. This was in production for a couple of weeks before the December 18 broadcast.

We published the Archbishops message on The American Report immediately after the Ark Midnight broadcast on Salem Radio.

Please correct the record. Archbishop Vigano’s letter to the American People. Archbishop Vigano’s letter was specifically written to be broadcast on Ark Midnight’s The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing.

We want Archbishop Vigano’s letter to the American people to go far and wide but accuracy does matter.

His Excellency, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: MESSAGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE


You can listen to a recording of The Fortnight Intelligence Briefing at the below link or at Caravan to Midnight.


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I corrected the post and your comment can be a supplement. Thanks.

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So well expressed. The Holy Spirit is working through him. I pray that through him it will work in many, many others. His faith, courage, and abilities are all a gift to the world.

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Eloquently stated & empirically on target.

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